February 14, 2013

Love Finds You in Glacier Bay Alaska by Tricia Goyer and Ocieanna Fleiss

There is something to be said for having something and being grateful for it because you know it is there. It seems all too often we are searching for something that is right under our noses (like the salt as I was cooking dinner tonight). This is Ginny's problem in Love Finds You in Glacier Bay Alaska by Goyer & Fleiss. The story begins as Ginny is just one signature away from achieving the dream she has given up everything for and yet something does not feel right. As she heads to take a break from her problems and figure out what's missing she travels to Glacier Bay.

Upon arrival Ginny finds the friend she went to meet is unavailable but makes a new friend in a box of letters. The story of Ellie and Clay brings Ginny hope as she struggles to make her decisions. These two touching stories are brought into one great book that you won't want to miss. This is a wonderful story of hope, healing, community, and love that will touch your heart. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about both Ginny and Ellie as they struggled to find themselves in a world very different from the one they had planned on living in.

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