November 30, 2012

Kawaii Diapers For You

It's time to win again! We're ready to giveaway another stash of cloth diapers with Kerrific.

This month one lucky winner will receive 6 Kawaii diapers and a wet bag. 

These are one size diapers that fit from 8-36 lbs
Each comes with two microfiber inserts
Wet bag holds approximately 12 diapers
Total Value: $55 +

To enter, please fill out the form below. 
Make sure you stop by and visit all the participating blogs to tell them thank you for the wonderful giveaway!

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Poseidon & the Sea of Fury $100 Amazon Gift Card or Paypal

A young Poseidon must triumph over aquatic terrors in this Heroes in Training adventure. The merciless Cronus and his Titan buddies are in hot pursuit of Zeus, Hera, and Poseidon, who plan to travel across the treacherous boiling sea in order to save a fellow Olympian. They have a boat, but they also have a problem: Poseidon can’t swim and is terrified of the water (well, really of the creatures that lurk in its depths). The group faces danger after danger as they battle singing sirens, a fishy and ferocious Titan named Oceanus, and people-eating monsters sent by Cronus himself. Can Poseidon overcome his fears and help his fellow heroes escape Cronus and his cronies?


Book Blast Giveaway
$100 Amazon Gift Card or Paypal Cash
Ends 12/9/12

November 29, 2012

Green Printing for Christmas

Fireplace with Christmas Holiday Cards
So I'm in the middle of trying to get Christmas cards printed, yes still, and things are a mess. I need them quickly but want someone who does green printing and high quality work. Then of course there is that little fact that I don't have a ton of money to spend on these but need a whole bunch because E and I have millions of siblings, aunts and uncles, and grandparents (ok, so I'm really only needing about fifty but still). I've got to get this done but it is taking much too long. Remind me why we send out Christmas cards again? I'm really not seeing that it's worth the effort.  

Unity Ceremonies and Science

I just ran into this fun idea for a unity ceremony. I don't know that I will ever use it for that since I don't plan on having a unity ceremony anytime soon but it would also make a great science experiment. Yes, I know the old volcano thing isn't such a big deal to most of you but my kids haven't seen it yet and I know it will be a big hit! There has been a lot of fighting at my house recently and what a great way to show them that if they work together they can do fun things. I wish I would have thought of this a little earlier and I would have gotten the things while I was at the store tonight. I suppose it shall wait for tomorrow...

Unique Wedding Favors and Other Ramblings

Unique Wedding Favors
So I just complained about all the junk we have but I have to am mend my statement saying that I really don't mind wedding favors, stocking stuffers, and other such gifts as long as they are unique wedding favors, useful stocking stuffers, and needed gifts. There are so many inexpensive and yet useful things you can give. Please don't give trash this holiday season. Give something with meaning that will be enjoyed by the recipient all year long. May all your gifts be memorable, and useful, this holiday season. And if you think of something good please tell us about it so we can share. Thanks!

Wedding Favors and Junk

creative junk
Do you ever get tired of junk? This week I've been doing some major cleaning and I'm finding a lot of just that … junk. I have old wedding favors, McDonald's toys, stocking stuffers, and so much more. It's kinda sad. I don't really want to through it away, there's nothing wrong with it, but at the same time I don't really want to donate it because it's stuff that most people just don't want to have. I could probably do something creative with it but that would require time and energy, two things I just don't have. Does anyone have any ideas for something productive I can do with all of this? Any help appreciated!  

Snuggling Time

There is nothing I like more than snuggling with my baby. Unfortunatly, I also have to get things done so there isn't much time to sit and snuggle during my day. Thankfully, I have some great carriers that help me keep her close. A well fitted babycarrier can make a world of difference when out and about with your little one. I love knowing that my baby is close to me and that I don't have to worry about trunk space for a huge stroller. What a wonderful gift!

November 28, 2012

November 26, 2012

Craft with Flower Girl Baskets

Black Cat Sitting in Basket Painted Orange
I know it's a little late in the season but I found this adorable craft the other day and had to share. I can't believe how cute this basket is! So simple to paint some flowergirl baskets orange. Wouldn't they be adorable as Halloween baskets for your little one or as Thanksgiving centerpieces. The cat curled up in this pumpkin gave an awesome effect. I can totally see our cats stealing one to be their bed although it wouldn't be quite the same since they are white instead of black. I can't wait to start looking for some baskets to use. With summer coming up (hopefully) I'm sure I can find the perfect one at the craft store or at a garage sale. Watch for finished photos late next summer.  

Cyber Monday at Kerrific

Wood Dump Truck from Kerrific Etsy Shop
If you've missed out on checking out Kerrific's new Diaper Shop now is the time to go visit.
Today only receive 25% off your order with code CYBERMONDAY!
All orders will ship within 48 hours so you'll have them in plenty of time for the Holidays!
We are adding new items every day too.

Also, don't forget to check out the handmade (and one of a kind) selection in our Etsy Shop.
Grandpa's handmade wood toys are going fast so make sure you order yours today!

Little Me Cyber Monday

Little girl in Little Me pink outfit Since Baby F is our first girl we, I really mean I because E couldn't care less if she wears pink or blue, have been having a great time finding her a fun wardrobe. One of my very favorites is this cute outfit from Little Me. As you can see it's still a little big (everything is big on this baby) but she really likes it too.
I have two favorite things about this outfit, besides how cute it is. The first is that the material is wonderfully soft. Even after several washes the fabric is beautiful! I love to cuddle with her in this one because the fabric is so comfortable. The other thing I love is how well it cleans. Baby F decided to try out her pooping skills in this the other day (trust me when I say it was everywhere) but I washed it and now it looks brand new again. I can certainly say that this is not a standard feature of baby clothes although it should be.
Make sure you hop on over to Little Me and check out all their great products including their fun Holiday Shop. You'll love what you see and when you buy today you can save 40% using code SAVEBIG!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

November 23, 2012

Black Friday Coupon Codes with Kerrific

If you haven't checked out Kerrific's online stores yet now is the time. We have some awesome sales going on today!

Get 40% off your total order at our Diaper Shop 
(diapers, breast pads, and a few various other items)
Code: BlackFriday

Save 15% off your total order at our Etsy Shop 
(hats, blankets, shirts, toys, and much more)
Code: BlackFriday
We're just a little excited!

November 21, 2012

The Kids

Big Brothers holding Little Sister with funny faces

Smokin' Hot $700 Shopilly Holiday Cash


Welcome to the Smokin' Hot $700 Shopilly Giveaway!

 hosted by Like a Bump on a Blog, with considerable help from the lovely Lexie Lane at VoiceBoks and Bridget at Giveaway Promote

Shopilly is a simple email organizer to help you keep all of your great deals organized in one safe spot. This program pulls all your shopping oriented emails from your inbox and puts them in a window where they get a visual representation for you to easily sort through. This free program does so much more. It will help you organize the stores you already love and discover new stores that are right up your ally. It's like having a mall right in your own home. Check it out today!

Shopilly is happily sponsoring a cash giveaway to help your holidays be a little brighter this year. Please enter using the form below, and remember, all entries will be verified. 
 Good luck!

Feature images courtesy of Shopilly. 
Post syndicated with permission, and the original can be found here: 

November 20, 2012

Time for a New Calendar

2013 Calendar
It's getting to be that time of year again. For me, I've already had to start putting down notes on things I need to get done in January. I suppose that means it is time for a new calendar at the Kerr house. This is somewhat sad as I really like our old calendar. It's a personalized calendar that not only has fun photos but also has exactly the right number of lines for me to write our day to day activities.
This year, I think I'm going to end up buying a desk calendar. Right now I have three separate calendars, including the one I love so much, but next year I think I want to combine so that I have all my activities, blog assignments  and meal plans in the same place. I will place a note hear that I also have a homework calendar and I'm so excited that that one will no longer be needed.
How do you keep all your tasks organized? Do you have any tips on what to look for as I go about my 2013 calendar search?

Sunglasses Anyone?

Prada Sport Sunglasses Red
Some people in my family have a large obsession with sunglasses. As someone who wears prescription glasses I just don't really get what's such a big deal. I guess some things just loose their cool when they become required. Anyway, as I've been debating what to get them for Christmas I ran into this fun sight.
Focus Online is your home for all sorts of interesting designer sunglasses. They have lots of name brands that even I recognize and many that I've never heard. If you like sunglasses make sure you check these out and add them to your holiday shopping list!

November 19, 2012

Win A Honeymoon!

I mentioned a few weeks ago that E and I have an anniversary coming up. This year, since it's year five, we want to do something special. That is why I am entering to win a second honeymoon (ok, for us it would be a first honeymoon but still) from Modern Greetings. The trip is to a destination of your choice and is valued at $3000. This would make a great anniversary gift or, can you imagine your spouse's face when they find this under the tree? Entering is super easy, just upload your funniest photo and watch for more chances to win between now and January 7th. 

Good Luck!
Win A Second Honeymoon with Take Us Away funniest Wedding Photo contest

A Sleep Mask for Better Sleep

Silky Sleep Mask - Purple
It seems like as a mom I am never getting enough sleep. This is especially true during the holidays! This year, thanks to my new Sleep Mask from Dream Essentials, I am going to sleep a little better. It is important to have a dark space to sleep and for many of us that is not possible without the help of a sleep mask. This mask is perfect for those who want to get a better sleep without spending a whole lot. It's perfect for traveling too! Make your holidays a little darker with a new sleep mask today!

Use coupon code SSSM at checkout for 15% off your order!

 I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Wedding Decorations & Christmas

Nutcracker, Christmas lights
I just love looking at the way people decorate for special occasions! Everyone has their own unique style and whenever there is a holiday I love visiting other people's homes to see what they have done. Between Christmas decorations and weddingdecorations I have so many new ideas to try. I can't wait for finals to be over so I can start putting up my Christmas decorations! My favorite part is probably the tree but I love wrapping gifts with fun themes too. Do you have something special you like to decorate with at Christmas? We'd love for you to share your ideas.

November 17, 2012

Thoughts on Shoes

I have never been one to wear shoes. In fact, I was always the child who had to be reminded to put shoes on before I went to go do things like feed the sheep or walk down the road to my friend's house. I still don't wear shoes if I don't have to but I still love having fun footwear for when I go out.
Since Baby F's arrival I have discovered something very fun ... little girls shoes are adorable! I found a little pair of pink boots that she wears to church with her dress that I just love! As she gets a little bigger I can already tell that I'm going to have way too much fun buying her shoes, like these fun Mary Jane's from KIDSEN. They have an amazing selection of fun shoes for your youngin. Make sure you check them out and place your order in time for the holidays!

The Smell of Christmas

Holly & Mislletoe Candle Burning
There is nothing I like more at Christmastime than all the wonderful smells. In fact, E came home from work today and brought me his jacket to curl up in. He had just unloaded a truck full of Christmas trees and it smelled wonderful! I can't wait to get our Christmas tree set up. I'm so glad he works for a great company that allows us to get a tree every year. It certainly brings the smell of the season into our home. 
Because our tree will be upstairs and my office is downstairs I've been looking for a fun way to bring Christmas to my work room. I've thought about a couple of different ways but just found some Christmas candles that look wonderful! I love that the candles themselves are small but that they each burn 50+ hours. I just don't know how I'll choose just one or two to try because they all sound so wonderful! What is your favorite scent of Best Kept Secrets candle? Help me choose which ones to order!

Blacklight Chronicles by John Forrester

There is something about a young people working hard to save their family and country that touches my heart. This is exactly the type of story you find in the Blacklight Chronicles by John Forrester.

The first book, Fire Mage , begins by introducing you to Talis and Mara. These two friends live in a free city in the midst of a world full of dark sorcerers. When these young magicians discover that their city has been targeted for attack they escape into the temple crypts. There a fallen champion gives them an ancient map to lead them to the temple of the sun. The safety of the city depends on Talis and Mara completing this dangerous quest.

The second book, Sun Mage , picks up right were the first left off. As Talis and Mara work to complete their quest they discover that both light and dark forces are searching for the Sun Temple and they must use their wits to get out of more than one predicament. The only way they will reach their destination is with the help of the map but as it leads them into the land of the dead can they continue to follow it's instructions?

I really enjoyed these books. They are very interesting reads. I would highly suggest them for anyone who likes mystical novels. They are appropriate for anyone pre-teen or older. Make sure you buy them all as you can't stop after just one.

Textbooks for Another Semester

Although I am really excited to be graduating this semester E is not quite so lucky. This week I have been lacking in the blogging area because I have spent much of my time figuring out his classes, getting him registered, and finding his textbooks. BLH!
This year we are saving on his textbooks by renting. One great place to rent is Campus Book Rentals. They have a great selection of books so chances are you'll find everything you need at 40% - 90% off your bookstore prices. This year the school bookstore wanted us to pay $806 for books for his 5 classes. Thanks to Campus Book Rentals I was able to find his math book at a much better price than the $200 they wanted to charge. This is a huge deal for us since we live on such a tight budget anyway.
When you rent your books from Campus Book Rentals better prices aren't the only benefit. You can highlight in the books, they have flexible rental dates, and you'll get free shipping both ways which are great bonuses for any student.
Make sure you check out Campus Book Rentals this year for all your text book needs!

November 16, 2012

Breath of Dawn by Kristen Heitzmann

I love a good romance especially when it involves two people who deserve the very best. That is exactly what I found in Kristen Heitzmann's The Breath of Dawn . This was an incredible book about two people who, although they deserved the very best in life, had suffered some of the worst trials and how they help each other to succeed in continuing into the future. I thoroughly enjoyed following the characters as they worked together to make the best of horrible situations. Little Livie was a highlight for me and I often felt as if she was one of my own children. This is a great read you won't want to miss!

To CELEBRATE the release of her newest novel, The Breathof Dawn, Kristen Heitzmann is giving away a Paperwhite Kindle Fire! Then on 11/27 she'll be hosting a fun Facebook Party where she will be chatting with readers and giving away fun prizes! Don't miss the fun.

Your Favorite Unique Wedding Favors?

Whenever we go to weddings I'm always curious to see if they have unique wedding favors, or if they have favors at all. Indeed, we live in an area where wedding favors are not common but we have family and friends in areas where they are expected so we've seen both. Whenever I see wedding favors I'm always curious as to what I would have chosen if we would have had favors at our wedding (since we planned our wedding in a week wedding favors weren't on our top ten list of things to get done). What is the best wedding favor you've seen? We'd love to hear about it!

November 15, 2012

The New Diaper Shop Grand Opening + Discount

Most of you know that here at Kerrific we love cloth diapers. In fact, we love them so much that we have decided to open our very own cloth diaper shop featuring some of our favorite brands. 

We are proud to announce that as of today, November 15, 2012, the
is open and ready for business. 

To celebrate we are offering 25% off any orders from now thorough November 23, 2012
Simply use code: GRANDOPEN at checkout!

Happy Shopping!

November 14, 2012

Tangled Ashes by Michele Phoenix

Tangled Ashes by Michele Phoenix In case you haven't figured it out by now I love history with a little twist of mystery and a dash of romance. That's exactly what I found when I opened Tangled Ashes by Michele Phoenix. This is an incredible read about an architect, Marshall, who is tricked into going to Europe to complete a renovation job on a Renaissance-era castle. His partner says it will be good for him but little do they know what lies in store.
As Marshall explores this castle he can't help but appreciate all the great architectural features but the project that was supposed to be good for him soon turns into something very different. Between Jade, the owner's nanny's, nagging about his drinking habits and the midnight prowlers Marshall figures there must be something bigger going on in this beautiful castle.
My favorite part is that while Michele tells this wonderful modern day story she also gives us flashbacks to the history of the castle and the people who lived their during its prime. The story of Marie and Elise and their adventures during the Nazi occupation of France are woven so neatly into the story it is amazing! The whole thing is wonderful and as Michele brings these two very different generations together you will be amazed at what history can give if you look.

SwaddleDesigns Angry Birds Blankets

Angry Birds Swaddle Blanket, Baby F all wrapped up
I've told you before about the amazing blankets from SwaddleDesigns. With baby F we have continued to use our wonderful blankets and have added a blanket from their new Angry Birds collection to our swaddling stash.

I love these blankets because they are so easy to use. I've tried lots of different swaddle blankets and SwaddleDesigns has some of the few that I can actually swaddle in. So many are too little or not stretchy enough to stay tight but these are awesome. As you can see, baby sister was super comfy waiting around in her blanket while I dug through the laundry in the dryer to find her a clean outfit and she even looked cute while doing so.

I wish my whole receiving/swaddle blanket stash was made up of these wonderful blankets. Once you have some you won't want to use anything else.

Brotherly Love

November 13, 2012

Wedding Centerpieces and Fish

Betta Fish
Last week my sister came to watch my kids while I went to a craft fair. They had lots of fun with Auntie M and I am so thankful that she likes to babysit. While she was here they decided to name our fish and she messaged me in the middle of my outing to let me know my kids wanted to name the fish “sexy”. It made me think about the first fish I ever owned. It's name was “Kiss”. My brothers and I thought it was an appropriate name since the fish was bought to use as part of our aunt's weddingcenterpieces. They were beautiful centerpieces and the nieces and nephews all loved them since we all got to go home with a fish. What more could a kid want?

SunBurnt in the Snow

With winter weather outside don't forget your sunscreen. You can get sun burnt just as easily, if not easier, in the snow. If this does happen SunBurnt is a great solution. This product is made to help to cool and sooth the skin while hydrating and preventing peeling. You might just want to give it a try.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

November 12, 2012

I Want A Pony

I was so this little girl. Maybe it's a good thing my parents never gave in to my wish for a pony for Christmas.

Wedding Invitations as Holiday Cards

This week I have been working on our Christmas Cards (blah!). I want to order some photo invites but the ones I really like are actually wedding invitations. Is that a bad thing? I can change the wording so I'm not to worried about that. I really love the white lacy background, I think it looks like snow, and it looks really good with our family photos. Why do we even send holiday cards anyway? This is way to stressful for something that will just be thrown in the trash in a few weeks anyway. I suppose I'll see what E thinks when he gets home. So much to do before then!

November 10, 2012

Wedding Favors ... To Be Or Not To Be

Candles floating in water
Last night while E and I were talking he asked what I wanted to do for our anniversary. I honestly hadn't even thought about it. I know it's not that far away but I've got a few other holidays (like Christmas) to get through first. I guess I do need to start thinking about it though. I mean this will be five years, although I totally can't believe it's been that long. Maybe we should have a big party with wedding favors, dancing, and photos? Then again, maybe I should just get a babysitter and see about a night out or even a weekend away. I guess I can't plan too far ahead as I don't know how much baby F will be needing me at that point. Decisions, Decisions.

November 9, 2012

Make Sexy Dreams Come True *Adult*

With things gearing up for the holidays make sure you find yourself some time to relax. You know what I mean, take a bubble bath, go get a massage? Oh ya, me either. Who has time for relaxing anyway? It's totally overrated. Even during the holidays, when I'm totally stressed, I want to look cute and thanks to EdenFantasys I can make that happen. They have a great selection of both party and bedroom apparel. One of my favorite collections is by Dreamgirl and right now the entire Dreamgirlselection is 20% off. I just love how comfortable and cute their selections are. It's great!
While I'm visiting EdenFantasys I'll also be getting some more bath supplies. I'll be sure to get some more bath salts and lotion. Also, if you haven't tried their duel shower head you should totally go check it out. It's a great way to have a luxurious shower without spending a fortune to get a custom one built. I love it on those cold nights when you just don't want to leave the hot water. It's a little piece of relaxing paradise in a house of chaos.
No matter what's on your holiday gift list you'll get a good start for all your bath and body needs at EdenFantasys. They have great prices, wonderful service and fast shipping. Plus you'll get a free item with each order to keep just for you. What more could a woman want?
Sexy Christmas gifts from EdenFantasys - the sex toys shop you can trust!

Wedding Flutes are Coming!

As I looked out the window this morning I found an ugly surprise, Snow. Winter has officially arrived at the Kerr house. This is a hard time of year for me. It's so dark and cold and miserable. The good news is that when winter hits it means my favorite time of year will be here soon. Spring! Full of beautiful weddings and all the wonderful things that come with. White dresses, flowers, wedding flutes, delicious food, friends, and family. Such a wonderful time of year! I can't wait for spring to arrive again and rid us of this awful cold!

Win A Delivery Day Prize Package!

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