December 30, 2013

Babywearing Works for Our Family

Most of you know that my kids are really close in age. This isn't a bad thing at our house, just a fact, but every time I have taken them out recently (which has been happening more than usual as we got ready for the holidays) I have gotten the same question: "How do you do it." Today I am here to share one tip with you about how I manage having four kids within four years and still get things done.

Babywearing has been a life safer for me and is something I do continually with my children. It's good for me and good for them which is wonderful! I was first introduced to babywearing by chance when B was only about a week old. I attended a breastfeeding event just days after he was born and was gifted my very first sling from a vendor that was there. I don't have a photo of me with this sling but It was a simple fleece sized sling that I used for a very long time and loved it! From there my love of babywearing began.

Once C was born my babywearing really turned into being a full time adventure. When C was born B was just learning to walk and I was always carrying at least one child so I almost always had one in my sling. Not long after that I began to investigate other types of carriers and trying them out. There hasn't been one that I don't enjoy.

The second carrier I got was my Boba wrap. It is perfect for carrying my little babies up until about six months. My favorite feature about this carrier was that E or I could easily wear it with the baby and they were safe. This has been my go to way to carry my babies with three kids now. My current favorite feature is that when I take my kids out in public I can put my baby in my wrap and not have to worry about them being the correct temperature or people touching them because the wrap takes care of both of those problems for me.

My current go to carrier is my Boba carrier. I love it because I can carry all of my kids in it. This carrier goes with me everywhere (literally). I use my carrier when I'm doing dishes, when we go for a walk, at the store, and even at church. Again, a big bonus to this carrier is that it is safe for children, meaning that it is supportive of their hips, back and neck. We also love this carrier because E and I can share without hardly any adjusting. It is easy to get on and off and keeps everyone comfortable while it's in use.

I highly encourage every mom to check out all the amazing options available for babywearing! It is something that really does work, when done correctly with proper leg and back support, and can help simplify your busy life.
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I am a Boba Ambassador. Please feel free to ask if you have questions about safe babywearing practices.

December 4, 2013

Lunch Time

DidyTai + Giveaway

The Didymos Didy Tai is a wonderful marriage between a woven wrap and a Buckle carrier. It's Super fast (and easy to learn) like the buckle carrier and snugly like a wrap. The DidyTai (or wrap-tai) has a criss-cross back for weight support. This is the only Mei Tai style carrier that Caribou Baby recommends for newborns because of the tremendous back support - and the ability to carry the baby legs out in a deep squat - from day 1.
The DidyTai is versatile. Its toggle base allows for a great newborn hold and for the mobility of an older baby.
Didytai Giveaway EventOther features of the Didy Tai include:
  • Reversible two-color carrier
  • Anatomically correct squat-spread-position
  • Special, diagonally stretchable cloth
  • Lightweight and handy
  • Free from any toxic materials
  • Pure organic cotton
  • Non-toxic dyes
  • Made in Germany
  • Machine washable
  • Long-lasting and resistant
 Please enter the Giveaway below for your chance to win a Didymos Didy Tai From Caribou Baby RV $190. Good Luck!
 US and CAN residents only.      
 Kerrific is only hosting this giveaway and is not responsible for prize distribution.

Sponsored by Adriane of Caribou Baby

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November 30, 2013

Merry Fluffy Christmas + Giveaway

MFC button_lg Welcome to the annual Merry Fluffy Christmas Giveaway Event!! There are 56 blogs that are giving away cloth diapering prize packages $50+! Make sure you enter here at Kerrific and then hop to all the others!! There are thousands in fluffy prizes to be won! This year, there are also two HUGE Grand Prize packages, on both of the host blogs, And Then There Were 5 and Mommy’s Favorite Things! So make sure you enter to win those as well! Good luck!

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November 27, 2013

Jackson Hole Souvenirs

With our recent trip to Jackson Hole of course one of the things we had to do was get some fun souvenirs for the kids. Here are a few of our favorite shopping places we found.

Jackson Hole Marketplace
Jackson Hole Marketplace:
I actually found this store before we left and ordered a few things to pick up while we were there. Our favorite was a animal tracks handkerchief for the boys. They do have lots of other interesting items as well including everything from clothing to food. If you're a fan of Jackson and want to share the Jackson love with someone without visiting the town itself than Jackson Hole Marketplace is where you should go!

Teton Toys:
Of course we couldn't visit town square without stopping at the local toy store. This is a hidden treasure found in the basement of some other stores but it was a hit. They have lots of traditional toys including some well known names like Melissa & Doug but they also have some amazing Jackson unique finds that you'll want to check out!

Jackson Trading:
If you're looking for an everything shop right on the square than Jackson Trading is a great place to start. They have a little bit of everything Jackson Hole plus we found out they also have some great sales throughout the year and I found some fun things for me at an amazing price!

Something About Mom's Bed

November 25, 2013

Black Friday With Lovable Labels

Black Friday With Lovable Labels Save Up to 40%

Wayback Memories + $100 Country Outfitters Giveaway

Ok, so most of you know me as a mom and blogger but today I want to share a little bit about my growing up years. Here are a few photos to get us started.

As you can see I used to spend my days in a slightly different way then I spend them now. I had lots of fun with the animals and if you've checked out our about us page you know that we still keep a few furry friends around out house.

Although I have become a bit more of a city girl then I used to be there is one part of me that hasn't changed and that is my love of boots. As far as I am concerned there are two options for footwear, barefoot or boots. E thinks I'm crazy but I wear my boots almost everywhere. They really are the perfect go to shoes because I can wear them with jeans, dresses, and I've even been known to match them with my shorts. Boots are so easy because it doesn't take any effort to just slip them on and you can do that without any open hands. Yes, I am partial to my boots both the cowgirl and the fashion styles.

This year I want to make sure that everyone has a chance to have an amazing pair of boots that are perfect for all occasions. Thanks to Country Outfitters everyone can have the boots they want this year. You'll want to make sure to check out their sales this weekend where the more you spend, the more you will save and you'll get free gifts with your purchase.

Country Outfitters is also giving away Boots for a Year to one lucky subscriber. Make sure you head on over to enter today to get a new pair of boots, your choice, each month of 2014.

And, before you go, make sure you enter below for a chance to win a $100 Country Outfitters gift card to get your holiday outfit finished up. You'll love the great selection over at Country Outfitters! Good luck!

Bentwood Inn Couples Retreat - Jackson Hole, WY

 Most of the things I write about here are for kids and their families but today I have a special treat just for mom an dad thanks to Bentwood Inn.

At the first of the month, E and I had the opportunity to leave the kids home and head for an amazing couples retreat in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Thanks to some amazing friends who took the kids for the weekend we got a way just the two of us which is something I highly suggest to any parents once in a while!

If you are not familiar with the Jackson area, it's amazingly beautiful and is a very popular tourist town both summer and winter. We were there the beginning of November which made our visit during the off season and very relaxing and enjoyable for us even though some of the large attractions were closed.

Probably our favorite part of our stay in Jackson was the wonderful Bentwood Inn where we were able to stay. As you can see, this beautiful Inn is uniquely beautiful. It is made from 200 year old logs brought in from Yellowstone National Park and the outside is only the beginning.

E and I had the privilege to stay in the Indian Paintbrush Room. The room was beautifully decorated and the perfect size for a couple. My favorite feature was the in-room fireplace that was perfect for spending cold evenings by. The room also included a bathroom with a jetted tub and shower plus a balcony with an amazing view.

One fun thing the Bentwood Inn does for their guests is have social hour each night. They provide appetizers that are amazing and you get the chance to meet the other guests and relax in their beautiful great room in front of a warm fire. E and I were very amazed by the food in the evenings and by the great company as we were able to talk to the other guests and the Innkeepers.

One thing I learned more about during this social hour was Bentwood Inn's Green Initiative. The Inn itself is doing all that it can to be as green as possible. Some of the big things that I heard about were that they buy produce and meat from local suppliers, provide natural and local soaps in their rooms, compost their yard waste, and are members of the 1% for the Tetons Society.  For me this was just one more great reason to stay at the Bentwood Inn!

After an amazing night of sleep (heck, there weren't any kids to wake us up and that bed was super comfy), we went downstairs and were treated to an amazing breakfast. I haven't eaten that much first thing in the morning probably ever but it was so good you just didn't want to stop. The meal started with fresh fruit and a yogurt dip with your choice of drink (we're hot chocolate fans). After that came an amazing dish of eggs, sausage, and potatoes. Can I just say again how amazing this was! Besides the food we ate we also had choices of fresh baked breads, granola, and other wonderful breakfast foods. There was no way you could go wrong.

From there we had an amazing time during the day. The innkeepers were very helpful in helping us to find great places to spend the day and fun places to eat our other meals. The Bentwood Inn is just six miles from the Jackson Hole Ski Area at Teton Village and Grand Teton National Park in one direction and six miles from down town Jackson in the other. They are also located directly on a 200 mile paved trail that can take you to many of the local attractions. We didn't try out the trail this time but next time we head that way we will be sure to bring our bikes because it looked like lots of fun. We did get to visit both Teton Village and downtown Jackson and had lots of fun visiting the shops and eating way too much.

The Bentwood Inn was an amazing place to stay! E and I had a wonderful time and I would recommend it to anyone wanting a getaway for a couple or a family. There was so much to do, the Innkeepers were amazing, and the stay was unforgettable! Thanks for a great weekend Bentwood Inn!

November 24, 2013

Cyber Monday Sales + $500 Amazon Giveaway

This Kerrific post is a Fashionista Event. I was provided a promotional item by to inform you of their crazy insane Cyber Monday Sales, Cyber Monday giveaway and our Cyber Monday $500 giveaway.

It's that time of year again. Time for Christmas shopping to be just about done! Thankfully, at our house that is just about the case and I'm looking forward to finishing up during the Cyber Monday Sales.

Cyber Monday is a great opportunity for me to finish my Christmas shopping. Not only will I find some amazing deals but it also saves me the disaster of taking my kids out and trying to hide what I'm doing which with E at school and working plus my work schedule that is my only other option.

This year I am excited to replace my sticky faced, grumpy toddlers at the mall with my snuggle bug on the couch that likes to help me get all my final gifts ordered and never tells a soul.

To start things off I'll be following my favorite stores this week on Facebook, twitter, and through email so I can see all of their Cyber Monday Sales and know exactly where I want to go first. Once I know where I'm going it's easy to get everything ready so all I have to do is add things to my shopping cart and get in and out as quickly as possible.

As part of the fun, you'll want to make sure your Cyber Monday plan includes entering the Cyber Monday Sweepstakes. They are giving away a $500 Amazon gift card and you can enter now through December 2nd HERE.

Along with this amazing giveaway the Fashionistas are giving you a second chance at one of two $250 Amazon Gift Cards. Use the form below to enter. Good Luck and Happy Shopping!

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November 22, 2013

Sophia Style For Your Little Girl

One of my very favorite things to do for my kids for the holidays is to get them festive clothing (if you haven't seen my suspenders in my etsy shop yet then you have no idea how much I enjoy this). This year I am excited to be getting F's Holiday outfits from Sophias Style. They have an amazing line of boutique clothing that is just perfect for the little girl in your life.

This year I chose the Bonnie Jean Pink Snowman Dress Outfit and the Bonnie Jean Pink Green Fleece Owl 3pc Dress Legging Outfit for my little girl. I know she's going to look adorable and I just can't wait until she opens her gifts on Christmas morning! If you love playing dress up with your little girl then this is a shop you should check out today!

November 19, 2013

Zipfy Your Holidays Today!

It's time for the holidays again. This year, my family will be home for the holidays and are excited to be spending our time together doing fun family activities. One thing I am excited to test our is our new Zipfy Freestyle Mini Luge sleds. The boys haven't seen these yet but it's going to be great fun and since we live close to some amazing sledding hills it's going to be an awesome time! These sleds are going to be perfect for my family because they are easy to use and light to carry up the hills with their convenient handle.

Are you ready to be home for the holidays? If not, here's your chance. Zipfy is giving away a set of mini luges to one Kerrific reader. Make sure you use the form below to enter today!

Nature's Sleep carries a variety of products to help you get a blissful night's sleep from memory foam pillows to memory foam mattresses. You can wake up to a whole new you. Say goodnight to aches and pains while you sleep in sublime comfort and awake feeling refreshed. One lucky continental US winner will be chosen to receive a memory foam mattress from Nature's Sleep at a max value of $4000 by entering the code word from the blog they entered the sweepstakes on in the Giveaway Tools form below. My code word is: NICE

Thanks for eventering! Now see all of the great prizes all the other blogs are offering!

Dohmie for Serious Sleep!

It has been a very long fall at our house and this mom is ready for some serious sleep. E thinks I'm funny when he asks what I want for Christmas and I tell him all I really want is a nap but with him, B and C all at school and D and F home with me all day this mom needs a good nap!
In an attempt to find some better sleep patterns Marpac sent us some help, for the last two weeks we have been trying out Dohmie by Marpac in the baby's room in hopes that she would sleep through the night. In case you haven't heard, the Dohmie is a sound conditioner, meaning that is is a machine that plays white noise to help you go to sleep and stay asleep longer.
I can vouch for the fact that the Dohmie's white noise is very relaxing. The first day we had our machine I turned it on in the family room while I worked and it wasn't very long at all before I was ready for a nap. Since then the machine has been in baby sister's room and I turn it on during nap and nighttime. I can't say that we've seen a huge improvement as she is still waking up about once a night asking for food (not sure this has anything to do with the noise either) but she does fall asleep faster when we lay her down which is wonderful!
The downside of this machine for me is that it is white. All the furnishings in F's room are either dark brown or black so I'd love to see some other colors available so this machine can blend in a little better. Other than that I love the Dohmie and look forward to it continuing to help regulate the sleep patterns at the Kerr house!

This is a compensated opportunity from Marpac and the Mom it Forward Blogger Network.

November 17, 2013

Gift Ideas for Mom

Sometimes buying for mom can be the hardest task of the season. I know often the things mom wants are things you can't wrap in a box, I always ask for a day without any fighting, and that makes it hard to buy for her. This year I am excited to have a great suggestion for mom, Ageless Derma.

Ageless Derma has a great selection of products for mom including their most popular Anti Wrinkle Cream with Stem Cells. If this isn't the right choice for your mom then their Masques or Mineral Makeup would also be great choices for that special woman in your life.

This year get mom something that will truly spoil her for years to come by checking out Ageless Derma today!

November 16, 2013

The Perfect Gift

I finally found the perfect gift for my little brother. I'm never quite sure what to do for all my crazy, somewhat loveable student brother. He's married to his car, which I think is very funny, and works a million jobs so he can pay to keep it running. I just love this fun shirt and know he'll love it!
Merry Christmas!

Fitting ... Don't you think?

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

November 11, 2013

Batter Babies Cupcake Fun

It's the time of year when sweet goodies become an everyday treat. This year, spice up your holidays with Batter Babies and make your cupcakes one of a kind.

Batter Babies are a simple tool that allow you to divide your cupcake into two colors or flavors. I can't wait to try some minty chocolate cupcakes for our neighbor gifts this year. Batter Babies are so easy to use that even the kids can help and they are reusable so one or two sets is all that you need.

These will help me make amazing holiday gifts this year. I can't wait to share with all of my friends!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

November 8, 2013

Funbites For Christmas

We love doing stockings at Christmas but one of the things I try to avoid is putting candy in them. It's a small thing that really helps keep us sane over the holidays but in doing so that means I need to find other little things to put in the kids stockings that help encourage them to stay out of the candy bowl. This year, one of the things we are including are Funbites.

Funbites are a fun tool that allow you to easily cut food (and other items) into different bite sized pieces that you can then use to create a fun mealtime atmosphere. I am excited to use these with my kids to see what kind of creations they can make with their healthy food before the gobble it up. What do you think will be our most popular creation?

November 7, 2013

The 12 Days of Christmas in November + Giveaway

Holy Night by Colleen Coble:
I love a good mystery and that is exactly what I got from Colleen Coble's Holy Night. The story of sisterly love is amazing! I can't wait to read this one again!

Silent Night by Colleen Coble:
Silent Night is another amazing read! You'll want to make sure you get this one when you pick up Holy Night because you won't want to stop with just one of Colleen's books.

A Christmas Gift for Rose by Tricia Goyer:
English or Amish? That is the big question for Rose. This story is based on a true adventure and Rose's discovery of finding herself and where she belongs is one that will make a perfect holiday gift!

Plain Peace by Beth Wiseman:
I'm still waiting for my copy of Plain Peace to arrive but I'll be updating this as soon as I've had a chance to read it. In the meantime, let me know what you think!

Thomas Nelson & Zondervan Fiction are hosting the 12 Days of Christmas! They've teamed up with these three authors for a Merry Facebook Party on November 12th {5pm Pacific / 8pm Eastern}. Colleen, Tricia, and Beth will host an evening of book chat, Christmas traditions, and of course plenty of presents!

But wait! There's more! Each day between now and November 12th a different book (10 copies of each book) will be given away on the Thomas Nelson & Zondervan Fiction Facebook Page. Ring in the holiday season and warm your heart with some great reads from Thomas Nelson and Zondervan!


  Click here to ENTER each day's giveaway here. RSVP for the Christmas Party here!

Good luck and hope to see you on the evening of the 12th!

November 6, 2013

I'm Laughing!

This is a Fashionista Events Opportunity.

DadiTai Giveaway Opp

Didytai Giveaway Event 
Sponsored by Caribou Baby
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We are giving away a beautiful - one of a kind - Didymos DidyTai RV $190. US and Canada18+
The DidyTai is a wonderful marriage between a woven wrap and a Buckle carrier. Super fast (and easy to learn) like the buckle carrier and snugly like a wrap. The DidyTai (or wrap-tai) has a criss-cross back for weight support. This is the only Mei Tai style carrier that Caribou Baby recommends for newborns because of the tremendous back support - and the ability to carry the baby legs out in a deep squat - from day 1.
The DidyTai is versatile. Its toggle base allows for a great newborn hold and allows for the mobility of an older baby.
Other features of the Didy Tai include:
  • Reversible two-color carrier
  • Anatomically correct squat-spread-position
  • Special, diagonally stretchable cloth
  • Lightweight and handy
  • Free from any toxic materials
  • Pure organic cotton
  • Non-toxic dyes
  • Made in Germany
  • Machine washable
  • Long-lasting and resistant
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Our Piece of Earth According to Jenny Zephyr Hill Blog
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November 5, 2013

Beloved by Robin Lee Hatcher + iPad Mini Giveaway

Have you ever wondered what you would do if your spouse suddenly disappeared never to be seen again? That is exactly what happens to Diana in Beloved by Robin Lee Hatcher. Diana is a sweet young woman who falls hard for Tyson, the son of a wealthy mine owner, and gets married young. Within a very short time, Tyson took off for parts unknown.

After hearing nothing about Tyson in years, Diana is ready for him to be declared dead when he returns and claims he wants to reunite and save their marriage. Diana has a big decision to make about how she wants to spend the rest of her life. This amazing book is a great story of outrageous events and big decisions. You'll fall in love with Diana as you follow her through her big choice and meet all of her unconventional family.

Robin Lee Hatcher is celebrating the release of her latest novel, Belovedwith an iPad Mini giveaway! 
  One winner will receive:
  • An iPad Mini
  • Beloved by Robin Lee Hatcher
Enter today by clicking one of the icons below. But hurry, the giveaway ends on November 15th. Winner will be announced November 16th at Robin's blog.

Don't miss a moment of the fun; enter today and be sure to stop by Robin's blog on the 16th to see if you won. (Or, better yet, subscribe to her blog and have the winner announcement delivered to your inbox!)!

November 1, 2013

Surviving the Time Change with Pampers + Giveaway

It's that time of year again. Are your ready for the time change this weekend? I'm actually kinda excited because this year for the time change my kids are all going to be staying with their Aunt J and Uncle M so I might just get that extra hour of sleep that's been promised.

Did you know that 52% of moms feel that their children's sleep is thrown off by daylight savings time changes. I can't tell you how many times our local moms group has complained about the time change and threatened to move to an area that does not follow this crazy rule.

There are lots of reasons that the time change is hard on babies but the good news is that there are some things you can do to help. Here are my favorite tried and true tips to help my babies sleep through every night, so that I can too.

  1. Always start with a clean diaper. This is the best thing you can do for yourself and your baby. That extra dry diaper gives you extra time with your head on the pillow.
  2. Make sure your young kids are taking naps. I know it sounds crazy but kids that take naps actually do sleep better at night. It's also easier to get your kids to sleep if they aren't so exhausted that they are throwing tantrums as you try to put them down.
  3. Set a routine for bedtime and stick to it. For us this is the hardest part of bedtime but as we have created a standard routine the boys have gone down much easier. It doesn't have to be hard, ours includes pajama time, brushing teeth, going potty, saying prayer, and getting tucked in.
  4. Install blackout curtains. We don't have blackout curtains but I did get some think thermal curtains to help keep it warm and they are having a very similar effect on the kids. This is especially important during time changes and during those months when the kids really need to go to bed before the sun.
  5. Go outside. We're already dealing with snow here but it is well worth the trouble to get the kids out to play. The sun and the exercise help kids to regulate their sleep patterns and feel physically tired enough to go to bed easily.
These are just a few of the things you can do to make sure your kids are getting the sleep that they need. You'll also want to make sure that you come check out the #PampersSleepChat Twitter Party on November 7th. The fun starts at 9 pm EST. It will be an hour full of great sleeping tips and giveaways so make sure you RSVP and plan to join us for this great event.

Can't wait for the 7th? We have good news. You can win a package to help your child sleep today with Kerrific. This awesome package, sponsored by Pampers, will include the newest Pampers Baby Dry Diapers in your choice of sizes 2-5 with an "ultra absorb" core, three layers of absorbency, a longer absorbent area, and a belted design  to help keep your baby dry at night and some new Children's Place Pjs to keep your baby warm and comfy.

To enter, please fill out the form below.

Good Luck!

This review was made possible by Double Duty Divas and Pampers. I was provided the featured product free of charge to facilitate my review, but all opinions are 100% mine

October 31, 2013

Taso Mixing Bowl Scale Review & Great Turkey Escape Giveaway

This Christmas I am planning on doing a lot of baking. I love to cook but I don't always make the time to do so. This year, that is going to change. I am very excited about my new tool that came in the mail today to help me achieve this goal.

My new Taso Mixing Bowl Scale will be the perfect addition to my kitchen this winter. I can already see and smell the wonderful goodies I will make. Orange rolls are must, they are my favorite, but of course I'll do pies, and cookies, and so much more too.

The Taso Mixing Bowl Scale is a great addition to any kitchen. This scale has some amazing features including:

  • dishwasher safe, detachable bowl
  • 11 lb, 2 qt capacity
  • measures in - pounds, ounces, grams, cups, fluid ounces, milliliters
  • tare feature
  • rubber feet
  • automatic shut off

Are you ready to have one of these amazing Escali scales in your kitchen? Here's your chance. Escali is going to give one Kerrific reader a chance to win their very own Taso Mixing Bowl Scale just in time for the holidays.  To enter, fill out the form below. Good luck!

This giveaway is part of the #GreatEscape event hosted by Cheap is the New Classy. Make sure when you're done you hop along to all the other great blogs participating in this event and see what they have to offer. You'll also want to check out the grand prize, a Granite Top Tresanti Saffron Kitchen Island like the one here.

EatSmart Precision Pro - Multifunction Digital Kitchen Scale Review & Great Turkey Escape Giveaway

Christmas is coming! (in case you haven't seen it in the stores yet)

This year, like every year I will be mailing a whole lot of packages but this year it will be much easier with my new EatSmart Precision Pro - Multifunction Digital Kitchen Scale. I've actually already used it a few times and let me tell you, this little thing is amazing! It's perfect for everything from cooking to shipping to math homework and should be a must have item at every house.

Here are just a few reasons we love this new EatSmart scale.

  • Compact Design and Easy Two-Button Operation
  • Tare Feature; Subtract the weight of any plate or container
  • 4 Measurement Modes: Grams / Ounces / Kilograms / Pounds
  • Max Weight: 11 pounds / 5 kilograms
  • Graduation: .05 oz / 1 gram
  • 3 minute Auto-Turnoff
  • Includes 2 AAA batteries

  • Are you ready to add a EatSmart Precision Pro to your kitchen? Here's your chance. EatSmart is going to give one Kerrific reader a chance to win their very own Precision Pro just in time for the holidays.  To enter, fill out the form below. Good luck!

    This giveaway is part of the #TurkeyEscape event hosted by Cheap is the New Classy. Make sure when you're done you hop along to all the other great blogs participating in this event and see what they have to offer. You'll also want to check out the grand prize, a Granite Top Tresanti Saffron Kitchen Island like the one here.