July 31, 2012

Sick Child Note

I had all the good intentions of posting the last of the awesome Ready for Baby reviews and giveaways today but I woke up to sick children and it's not going to get done. To ALL my awesome readers and sponsors, I will get back on this tomorrow (provided more kids don't get sick) so watch for our super ending to take place tomorrow! Thanks for your understanding and please know that I am thinking of all of you as I clean up this mess!

July 30, 2012

Baby Button Review & Giveaway

Today I am here to tell you about another product I'm not sure how I lived without. That would be a nursing cover. With B I simply did without because I never went anywhere. Once C was born I had to get creative with a blanket which did ok sometimes but I was exposed more than I would have liked to be. When D was born I was gifted my first Nursing Cover and now I have to have multiple so I can always have one with me.
That may seem silly but especially as my boys get older I feel that it is important to teach them modesty and the best way to do that is by example. That is why I am super excited about my new Baby Button Nursing cover. It is not only cute but also very user friendly and I can't wait to try it out!
Probably my favorite feature of this cover is the buckle. I've never seen a cover with a buckle on the neck strap before but I think it's a wonderful idea. I can't tell you how many times I have ruined my hair or had to deal with a hat and it has made using my covers frustrating. Now I don't have to worry about any of that. Simply undo the buckle, put the strap around your neck, and do it back up. No more messy hair for me!

Baby Button has these covers in lots of fun prints so make sure you check them out. And while you're there you should stop and look at some of their other great products including bibs, blankets, burp cloths, and gift sets.

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Hipkiddo Review

Today I am super excited to tell you about one of my new favorite cloth diapers. It is the Naturally Hip by Hipkiddo. There are so many reasons I love this diaper but before I get all excited I do want to mention that this diaper does run slightly smaller than some one size diapers I have used. It still fits both my boys easily (see pictures) but I felt I should give you fair warning.
Now, on to all the reasons I love this diaper. The biggest reason is that it holds a lot! This is one of the few diapers that C does not wet out of overnight. I love it for this purpose and regularly hold it in my stash so that he can wear it when I know we're going to be out of the house for a few hours or if they are having a babysitter. It is super nice to know that I have a diaper that I can rely on.
There are two big reasons this diaper holds so much. One is because it is made of 60% bamboo, 30% cotton and 10% coolplus. I have never heard of coolplus before but now that I have used this combo I will tell you that it is awesome! The other great thing about this diaper is that the inserts are made of not 3, but 4 layers of this awesome material. They do take slightly longer to dry than a standard insert but the extra ten minutes is well worth the wait.

Hipkiddo also sent me one of their Pail Bags which I am also getting a lot of use out of. It holds about 25 diapers which makes it the perfect size to take on a day trip with my kids. I love the draw string closure as it helps keep the dirty smell inside but makes it easy to put more diapers inside too.
I can't tell you how pleased I am with these Hipkiddo diapers. They are working great for my family and I highly encourage you to try them out too!

July 29, 2012

Bee All Natural Review & Giveaway

Finding the perfect skin care products for your children can be difficult. There are lots of different options available depending on your price range, location, scent preferences, and a whole slew of other factors. To make things even more interesting it seems like each child needs their own skin care items as different items work better on different children (at least at my house). Recently we have had the chance to try some products from Bee All Natural and have found that they work well for D and I.
My favorite product was the Baby Diaper Rash Salve. We have used it on a couple of minor breakouts on D and it has worked really well. It didn't seem to have as good of an effect on C but it did help a little. We were sent the natural scent to try and I really like it for D. One of my favorite things about this salve is that it is completely cloth diaper safe. This saves us a lot of hassle as D is prone to diaper rashes and now we don't have to worry about a liner or using disposables.
For me I have been thoroughly enjoying the lip balm Bee All Natural sent us. This has been a big help with our dry weather, heat and my pregnancy. My lips are always cracking and bleeding and this lip balm helps sooth, heal, and prevent the problem.
I have come to love these products and look forward to continuing to use them. I love that they are all natural and that they are made by a mom in Michigan. For a chance to try your very own products from Bee All Natural enter using the form below. While you're here make sure to enter all the other great giveaways during our Ready for Baby event. You can find a complete list on the right side of this page.

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July 28, 2012

3-in-1 Rocker Napper Review

There are so many things I just went without for my older kids that now I am wondering how I ever lived without. Recently I was introduced to the 3-in-1 Rocker Napper and it is one of those things that I already know is going to be super useful with the new baby!
I love the Rocker Napper because it's not just a seat, or a bouncer, or a bassinet. It's all three in one. In fact, because I have all three at my house and the baby will be here just before the holiday season starts we've already talked about taking this to my mothers so we can use it during all of our holiday celebrations. Because it is a 3-in-1 item it will save us lots of space which is good because we all know how fast trunk space disappears during the holidays.
The Rocker Napper arrived disassembled but E had no problem putting it together (he did have to find a screwdriver). Now that it is together it is a great size for baby! It easily fits D, my one year old, although we are trying to teach him not to climb in as we'd hate for him to climb on the new baby.
This is one of the big reasons I love the Rocker Napper. At our house a seat/bed like this is the safe place for baby. With 3 toddlers, one who is just learning to walk, it is important to have a spot to lay baby that I can take with me as I move around the house but where they won't get stepped on or sat on by kids who aren't paying attention. It also helps by keeping the animals from jumping over the baby or stepping on the baby as they adjust to the new family member as well.
If you're looking for a great all-in-one seat for your baby I highly recommend the 3-in-1 Rocker Napper by TinyLove. You'll get a bassinet, bouncer, and chair all in one complete with mobile. You won't be disappointed.

A Long Week

After having family here last week this week wasn't an less crazy. I had three days to clean house before we went to spend a weekend with my family. There is so much I want/need to get done before the baby gets here and I know I am fast running out of time so shopping is one of the things that got skimped on this week. I didn't get nearly as much done as I would like but I still got some pretty good deals. I shopped Target, Staples, Walmart, Walgreens, and Kmart.

Total Spent: $51.28
Total Saved: $214.74 (81%)
Rewards Earned: $15.00

July 27, 2012

Upa-Lala Review & Giveaway

There are many things that most people think of as cloth diapering items that are really good for so many other jobs. One of these is a wet bag. While a wet bag may make you think of cloth diapering I am a firm believer that it is something every mom needs. If you have a child that wears a diaper, spits up, or likes to play in the sink than a wet bag should be a part of your diaper bag.
I was recently given a chance to review a wonderful medium Eco-bag from Upa-Lala. Not only is it absolutely adorable, but it is also a very sturdy and usable bag. When speaking in diaper terms it holds three pocket diapers and some wipes easily. For everyone else, I can put two full changes of toddler clothes in this bag.
The bag itself has a waterproof fabric on the inside and an adorable cotton on the outside with a sturdy zipper to hold everything in. Because we use our wetbags often, this bag has been washed many times and still looks new (minus a few wrinkles).
If you are looking for a great wetbag please be sure to enter to win a medium eco-bag of your very own using the form below and check out Upa-Lala online to find more adorable, handmade products that you will love using!

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July 26, 2012

Coming Soon!

We're super excited to announce a new series of events here at Kerrific! 

Win A Stash

These great events are beginning August 1st. Each month we are giving away a stash of cloth diapers or other items every mom should have a stash of. We decided to start at the beginning and on August 1st we will be giving away a stash of Newborn diapers. This includes 12 newborn size diapers and a wet bag. Make sure you check back, here at Kerrific and at other participating blogs, and enter to win this great prize.

We are still looking for participants for our events in September and October. We have some great stashes to giveaway including a Kawaii one-size diaper stash and a stash of  wool dryer balls plus some awesome prizes just for those participating. Make sure you sign up today using the links above because space is limited and filling fast! We can't wait to see you there!

Funky Fluff Stash and Cash Giveaway

We just signed up for a great event and we are so excited we had to share! 

The Funky Fluff Stash and Cash Giveaway is going to take place Aug 24-31.

The prize includes:
12 Funky Fluff Bamboo Diapers
12 Funky Fluff Stay Dry Diapers
1 Pail Liner
1 Wet Bag
2 Packs of Boosters

PLUS cash prize (amount to be announced on August 23rd)! Currently $160 and growing!
Sign up is $5 for two links and I can already tell this is going to be a great event!
Make sure you sign up today and let them know Kerrific sent you!

His Brother's Baby by Blanche Marriott

Being a twin has always intrigued me. When I was little some of my best friends were twins and it was interesting to me to see what they could get away with. I know there was more than one time I wished I had a partner in crime.
In Blanche Marriott's His Brother's Baby , David is a twin but isn't feeling quite so lucky about it. David is the "good" twin. He is the reliable one who runs the family business and takes care of the parents while his brother disappears for months on end when he is supposed to be traveling for business.
With his brother gone, David meets a beautiful woman, Gabriella, who mistakes him for his missing brother. When Gabriella shows up at the office a few weeks later and announces she's pregnant a frantic search begins to find the missing father. In the meantime, David vows to care for Gabriella like his own.
As Gabriella learns to care for David and he for her the search for David's twin continues. If he is found and returns home will David and Gabriella be forced to give up their new found joy?
This is an incredible book of love and mystery. At times I just wanted to shout "who cares, you love them" at some of the characters because they were so stubborn but His Brother's Baby kept me interested and laughing the entire way. You can't help but want to get to the end to find out if David and Gabriella discover their own foolishness too.

July 25, 2012

Royal Spice Review

Every new baby needs new clothes. At our house this means a whole wardrobe for baby F because we simply haven't needed pink before. There are so many cute things out there and I am having a blast shopping. One store I was recently introduced to is Royal Spice. They sent me some adorable clothes for F and I can't wait to put them on her.
The first thing I noticed about these clothes is that they are super high quality. This is important to me as a mom because I want my kids to look nice without looking overdressed. Royal Spice's clothes are perfect for this. I received one of their Lace Short Sleeve Shirts that is absolutely adorable. When I add this to the brown tank and hat it's going to make an adorable outfit.
I also have to say that I really love the tank top they sent. The wide straps are perfect for small children! I always thought it was silly that kids tank tops had such skinny straps. We know kids are playing and they shouldn't have to worry about keeping their shirt on. I don't see this being nearly as much of a problem with this fun shirt. I know that my daughter will love wearing this tank both on top of and under other shirts!

New Glasses - Wordless Wednesday

Cloth Diapering - When We Started

With another baby on the way I can't help but think back to when I was expecting my other babies. One thing I've been remembering recently is when we first started using cloth diapers. It seems like we've been doing this forever but we haven't. In fact, we didn't start using cloth until just after we found out we were expecting C which means B was cloth diapered for about 6 months.
When we found out C was coming we knew there was no way we could use disposables. Our budget was already super tight and we weren't in love with them anyway. In fact, most of what we used up to that point was gifted to us at baby showers and such. When we decided to switch to cloth I had a lot of research to do. I didn't know anybody who used cloth at the time and it made things more difficult than it might have been otherwise.
E's big thing was that we didn't use diaper pins. I know that may seem silly but it's still something he won't do. Which I suppose is ok since there are so many options. I am just super glad that we made the switch. Not only has it saved us a ton of money but I don't make emergency trips to the store and I know that I am doing what's best for my babies. Nothing is better than that!

July 24, 2012

NoJo Bedding Review & Giveaway

Every young girl dreams of her wedding day. For me, not far behind that, was dreaming of my future nursery. With the boys we had just the essentials for the nursery. We lived in a rental so I couldn't paint and pictures were limited. Now that we finally have our own home I'm so excited to be creating my own nursery for our new little arrival.
A big part of nursery planning is choosing the right bedding set. NoJo recently sent me their Pretty in Purple set to review and I love the additions it has made to my nursery! I'm not always a fan of purple but I love the accent colors with this. The lightest purple is almost pink and the green matches D's bedding set really well.
My favorite part of this set is the quilt. It is just the right thickness and has so many textures for the baby to explore. It has cotton, minky and silk fabric plus several different stitches to add texture for any baby or young toddler to enjoy.
Another favorite feature of this set is that it came with two crib sheets. I always found it odd that so many sets come with just one because I am assuming that my kids aren't the only ones that dirty sheets faster than anything other than diapers. I know that both will be put to good use with the new baby.
Overall I am very pleased with this set from NoJo and I love having it all set up so it's ready whenever the baby decides to make her appearance (which could be any time now). It makes me smile every time I walk in the room and see the fun girly colors waiting there.
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July 23, 2012

Crane Frog Humidifier Review

There are so many things I have learned about being a mom since I had my first. It will never stop amazing me how much you learn through experience. One of the things I have learned is that every household should be equipped with at least one humidifier. They are a great tool for moms and can help in a variety of situations.
Recently we have had the opportunity to add Freddy the Frog to our nursery and I love that he is not only cute but functional as well. A humidifier can do many different things. My favorite is that it can help sooth dry coughs, nose bleeds and dry skin. Some of you might not have this problem but out here in Idaho we have very dry air and when we amplify that with the heater or fans running it can cause quite a few problems. Keeping a humidifier in the bedrooms is a simple fix to a big problem. I love having my humidifier running next to my bed at night because I sleep better, something that is all too important during pregnancy.
Crane's Frog Humidifier holds one gallon of water and runs for about 24 hours without a refill. It works in rooms up to about 250 square feet. My favorite features are that it does not use a filter and that it has an automatic shut off. If you like this frog you should check out all the other Adorable Humidifiers they have available to help you complete your child's room.

July 22, 2012

Scream For Ice Cream Twitter Party

I am super excited to be co-hosting my first Twitter party with the International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA) and The Motherhood!  July is Ice Cream Month, one of my very favorite things, and I am so excited  we’ll be sharing fun ice cream facts and giving away great prizes.

When: Wednesday, July 25, 2-3 p.m. ET

Where: The party will take place on Twitter, using the #IceCreamMonth hashtag.

Who: IDFA (@dairyidfa) and The Motherhood (@theMotherhood) will be hosting. 

Five prize packs will be given away throughout the hour, based on responses to trivia questions.  Each prize pack will contain all of the fixings for your own ice cream party – bowls, scoops and coupons for lots of free ice cream. 

Please say you'll join us by clicking this link and press the orange “count me in” button on the right-hand side -http://twtvite.com/icecreammonth

July 21, 2012

Christmas Shopping

We had family here all week this week so I didn't get the time to do the shopping I might have done otherwise. I did get to Target and Walgreens and since E was with me we did a little Christmas Shopping.

Total Spent: $57.24
Total Saved: $231.10 (80%)
Rewards Earned: $16.00

July 20, 2012

Ready For Baby

I hope you are all enjoying our Ready for Baby event! We promise there is more to come. Our house was invaded by family this week and things have not gone exactly as planned but we'll be back tomorrow or Sunday with more great reviews and giveaways. If you haven't entered yet make sure you catch up on the ones posted in the right sidebar. Have a great Saturday!

July 19, 2012

Dylan by C.H. Admirand

I've always had a weak spot for cowboys. It could have something to do with where I grew up but there is just something about tight jeans and a cowboy hat that I love. This is something that I have in common iwth Ronnie, a business woman from New Jersey, in C.H. Admirand's book Dylan .
The story begins as Ronnie arrives in Texas and is greeted with a special birthday surprise. Dylan, on the other hand, a life time Texas resident, is a simple cowboy who is working sun up to sun down on his family ranch and at extra jobs to help make ends meet. As Ronnie and Dylan are brought together in this small town, barriers are broken and a relationship begins.
This book was absolutely wonderful! It was more than a typical romance and was full of interesting twists and turns that keep you glued to the page. I would recommend this to anyone who likes a romantic adventure, or who wants to find out what happens in the jail house. It's well worth the read!

As a side note, don't forget to check out C.H. Admirand's other books in this series to find out what happens to Dylan's brothers. I haven't yet read Tyler or Jesse but I'm sure they are just as good!

July 18, 2012

Rockin Green Soap Review & Giveaway

When we switched to cloth diapers one of the things I didn't even think about was the importance of a good laundry soap. We were using an ok soap that worked on our clothes but once we switched to cloth we found out that the boy's sensitive skin didn't much like it. After that we tried a few different soaps and finally settled on Rockin Green for our laundry needs.
There is so much that I love about Rockin Green. The first thing I loved was the friendly and helpful customer service. Because I was still learning I had quite a few questions and the ones I couldn't find answers to on their website they were more than happy to help me with. Once we found that Rockin Green worked for us we ended up ordering a whole bunch so we could get free shipping. I know that may seem like a lot of soap but since we are stock up shoppers anyway it saved me a lot of time over having to order every month (about how long a bag lasts at the Kerr house).
I was very timid about trying the scents when we first started using Rockin Green because of my kids sensitive bums but I have tried a few now and haven't had a problem yet. They are super skin friendly and smell really good too.
The last thing you can't pass up at Rockin Green is their scoops. These are about the best thing and I just love using them around the house. We of course have one for laundry but I have also used them for various other things because I can always find them thanks to their wonderful magnetic feature.
I am super excited that one Kerrific reader gets to try Rockin Green for themselves. Please enter using the form below. Good luck!
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