August 31, 2011

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Welcome to Spa for Ma! Thanks for stopping by. Now on to the great prizes.

Please note that some review posts are still posting so watch to learn more about these great prizes.

For Mom's Bathroom
Total Value: $45.46

A Gold Balm and Eco Clip from EcoLips.
Spotlight Review

A body butter, 3 lip balms, and a headache balm from Elegant Rose Boutique.
Spotlight Review

A Twooth Timer and 24 tattoos from The Twooth Timer Company.
Spotlight Review

For Mom's Wall
Total Value: $295.00
This beautiful painting from Kallahanskiy Works.

For Mom's Closet #1
Total Value: $107.94

A watch from BEDE Trends.
Spotlight Review

A headband from Bondi Band.
Spotlight Review

Shoes of Choice (up to $55) from Nomad.
Spotlight Review

A set of bra liners from Pambras.

For Mom's Closet #2
Total Value: $96.00

A product of choice from ShaToBu.
Spotlight Review

Spotlight Review

A pair of earrings from Never Out of Style.
Spotlight Review

A $10 gift certificate from DeeVette's Creations.

For Mom's Daily Use
Total Value: $77.12

Some cookie charms from Sweetest Charms.

A set of 3 shopping bags from Bloom Organics.
Spotlight Review

An octopus toilet decal from Eyval Decal.
Spotlight Review

Some Cookies from Home Free.
Spotlight Review

An item of choice (up to $25) from Paper Scissors Rock.
Spotlight Review

A pattern of choice from Sublime Stitching.

For Mom's Music Room
Value: $29.95

A guitar strap of choice from Jamz Origionals.

For Mom's Book Shelf
Value: $92.92

A copy of Pilate's Cross.
Spotlight Review

Spotlight Review
Spotlight Review

A book and watercolor print from Boldtman Studios.
Spotlight Review
Two bookmarks from 6 Pomegranate Seeds.

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Wordless Wednesday - Movie Time

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August 30, 2011

Last Day For Exclusive Coupon Codes

As it is coming to the end of the month make sure you've used your coupon codes from our great ABE sponsors. There are so many great Christmas gifts at these shops. The codes are listed in the right sidebar --->

As a side note, I know we just listed some awesome new items at Kerrific (check under hats) and we'd love for you to get them at a discount!

Happy Shopping!

Slamfusion Review

Slamfusion is a shop where you will find original fused glass art, hand-cut, kiln-fused, and pieced together with loving care. They sent me a beautiful cat magnet and an owl pin to review. My big concern with these was the shipping as I know the mail man can be not so careful with my mail. Upon arrival each piece was wrapped securly and they were undamaged.

We love the magnet! It's not one of those flimsy ones which is awesome. When we moved this was the only magnet I knew where it was so it got to hold all those important papers I didn't want to loose out of the mess. The best part was that it actually held them and trust me when I say it was a good stack. This of course is also C's favorite thing on the fridge so I have to watch to make sure he doesn't steal it.

I have not yet had occasion to wear the pin but it is just as adorable but I'm afraid one of my kids will grab it and something will break (the reason I wear no decorations). I think I will be gifting this to my good friend who collects owls. I know she will love it!

Overall I love what Slamfusion has to offer. Please check them out and show them some sponsor love!

Book: The Canary List - By Sigmund Brouwer

About The Canary List:

"Protected by the dark of night, Jaimie Piper runs. But is anywhere safe when evil is hunting you? She's just a twelve-year-old girl, bumped around between foster homes and relegated to school classes for challenged kids, those lagging in their test scores or with behavioral issues. But her real problem is that she can sense something the other kids can't - something dark. Something compelling her to run for her life.

"All Crockett Grey wants is to mark the anniversary of his daughter's death alone. But, when his student Jaimie comes to him, terrified, her need for protection collides with his grief, and a tangled web of bizarre events sends them both spiraling toward destruction.

"Crockett's one hope of getting his life back is to uncover the mysterious secrets of Jamie's past and her strange gift. It isn't long before his discoveries lead him to a darker conspiracy, secrets guarded by the highest seat of power in the world - the Vatican."

My Thoughts:

This book was not my typical style and I had a hard time getting started but once I did I enjoyed the book very much. The first seventy pages or so were difficult to get through because it was jumping from character to character and more difficult to get a feel for what was going on. Once the character's connected however it was much easier to follow and more enjoyable to read because it became more of a mystery story and less of a creepy, everyone's possessed, story.

It's hard to tell you much more without giving away the story line. My only other complaint however was the ending. Just when you think you have everything figured out one character turns around on you and says nothing you understand is true. This almost sets you up for a sequel but is just weird because it leaves you wondering when it really doesn't need to. I was driving E crazy last night after I finished the book because I couldn't stop questioning what really happened even though the book was over.

Like I said, it was good and I did enjoy it but I'm not sure about how I feel about it as a whole because of the ending and my need for it to be finished when I feel like it isn't.

I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review

Toddler Tuesday: Gift Giving Guide for Aunts (and Uncles)

As the holidays fast approach I thought it would be nice to share some gift giving guides. I found this one earlier today that I love.

Go check it out.

August 29, 2011

Mom Shop Monday: Little Texas Treasures

About Little Texas Treasures:

Howdy! I am the 'trail boss' here at the Mini Ranch. We have lots of little Waldorf inspired cowboys, cowgirls, square dancers, and assorted dudes living here. They are eager to find a home with a litte wrangler who will love them and play with them. As 'trail boss' I have been creating little personalities for a lot of years. I have taught elementary school for 30 years, and I still do. I really enjoy dollmaking and the happiness it brings to children, just as the many children whom I have taught have brought joy and happiness to me.

My Thoughts:

These dolls are adorable! Yet again I'm wishing I had a little girl to buy one for. Instead I guess I'll have to be ok with sharing them will all of you. Hope you enjoy!

August 28, 2011

Sunday Project: Quilting

This week I'm quilting to prepare for C's birthday. I'm not sharing the exact quilt I'm making but another that I love from Mary Quilts one of my favorite quilters. Isn't it beautiful!

August 27, 2011

Lysol Winner

The Winner of the Lysol Back to School Giveaway is....

Amanda Hoffman


*Winner has been emailed and will have 48 hours to respond.

Spa for Ma: Boldtman Studios Review

About Boldtman Studios:

From Jigsaw puzzles to pop-up books, iPhone apps to toy design, Mike Boldt has been illustrating almost exclusively for children for the past 11 years. Last year he completed a lifelong dream and published his first picture book that he both wrote and illustrated (The Gophers in Farmer Burrows' Field). Mike is now continuing his love for storytelling and children's illustration in several other books and graphic novels that he is developing and works as a freelance illustrator.

Mike lives on a steady diet of cartoons and ice-cream

My Thoughts:

We were sent an awesome book and a print to review. I absolutely love the book! I already have it on my gift list for a few of my "farmer friend's" children. The photos were beautiful and the story was simple yet wonderful.

The print doesn't have a spot, yet. It's going to go in B & C's room once I get it painted. It will go great with the green and yellow theme I was planning and is a perfect image for them to have around.

I highly recommend Boldtman Studios to anyone who wants a great book or picture for their child. Go check them out today.

Saving Saturday

As you can see we ended up buying a lot for the house again this week. But I think we've got everythign we need now. I also went to the fabric store to make a special gift for C that you'll see soon. So we shopped Harbor Freight, Lowes, Michaels, Hancocks, Target, Walmart, Kohls, and Walgreens.

Total Spent: $97.26
Total Saved: $213.20 (68.7%)
Remaining Rewards: $46.44

For what we bought that's not too bad.

*Note: We include tax in our figures.

EdenFantasys *Adult*

Most of us have seen, used, or owned remote control cars or other vehicles. But have you ever considered a remote control adult toy? These could be so much fun in the right situation and they're on sale right now. If you're looking for a great way to surprise your loved one you've got to check them out.

This Astrea panty is probably the most classic remote control item. Imagine wearing this on your next dinner date with the remote in your partner's care. Sounds like an interesting night to me. It's now $62.99 with FREE shipping if that sounds fun to you.

If you want something green than you should check out the Bliss. It is a wireless, rechargeable egg with a four star rating. The egg is also waterproof making this toy fun in even more situations. It's currently going for $69.99 with FREE shipping and comes in pink or blue.

Please make sure you head over to EdenFantasys and check out all the other great products they have on sale. There are so many wonderful toys to choose from you'll want to keep coming back for more.

Remember to check the Facebook special too. Right now it is their corsets which I love!

Eden Clubs and Events - Community Clubs, Events and Workshops from EdenFantasys

*I will receive a gift card for this post however all opinions are my own.

August 26, 2011


With a hat that size, you will have no trouble

Student's Best Friend ... Portable Solar Panels

As a student, mom and blogger it seems that every spare second I have is spent on the computer trying to get things done. Running out of time can present a real problem for me especially when I have commitments that take me away from my home, internet and/or power source. 

As much as I love attending fairs and camping it does make it more difficult when I have these deadlines and need the energy to use my laptop and charge my cell so I can get them accomplished. It can be frustrating but I have recently found a great solution...portable solar panels.

E has been telling me for a long time that he wants to put solar panels on the house to save on our electric bill. I had never even thought to transfer his idea into something that could help me do more things while still keeping up with my blog and school work. 

I think this is a grand idea and will be looking into it more during the coming weeks as E and I hope to take a vacation sometime during semester break. Yes, for me vacation doesn't mean leaving the blog behind so you'll get to hear all about it. Wish me luck in finding a great solution so I can take all of you with me on our family adventures.

This is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own.

Homes for Sale - Tips and Tricks

Selling a home can easily be just as difficult as buying one. As a recent buyer, here are some tips on how to make your house stand out to those that are buying.

1. Have a good agent. Just like when you're buying a good agent is the key. We had one selling agent we tried to work with that was absolutely no help. It was awful, we'd call to ask a question, or want to go see a house and it would take him over a week to get back to us so we could get what we needed. Needless to say this was not helping him sell his homes because I'm sure we're not the first one's who began skipping any listing from him.

2. Go neutral. It may not be your style but if you keep your decorations more neutral more buyers are going to be able to see themselves living in your home. 

3. Make it smell good. There was just something I could never resist about walking into a home that smelled like fresh baked bread or other yummy things. 

4. Answer questions. Make sure when your agent calls you to answer a question about the home that you are available to answer. There were many times we would call a selling agent while looking at a home to ask questions and it was super nice when they could get back to us before we left.

This post is sponsored by Missouri homes for sale but all opinions are my own.

Coupon Experience at Walgreens

Today I feel the need to say thank you. Thank you to the wonderful new manager at our local Walgreens. 

I have had problems in the past with managers at all of our local Walgreens. One in particular has yelled, yes yelled, at me a few times even with my small children present. It has been very frustrating to me and actually gotten to the point that if I see this manager I leave and come back another time because it is not worth it to me to deal with them. 

This week however I went to Walgreens to be checked out by a new manager. He was awesome! Not only did he talk to my kids and actually act friendly, he was obviously trained in coupons. I used all my coupons without any problems and then when we got to my register rewards he looked at each one to make sure it wouldn't cancel out a reward I would be receiving. It was awesome! So thank you to the nice man who now works at the Walgreens just around the corner from my house. You are awesome!

Dating on a Budget ... For Men
I found this post I thought would be fun to share about Dating on a Budget for Men.
Go check it out!

PS. E if you're reading this please go visit and take notes. Love ya!

Spa for Ma: HomeFree Review

About HomeFree:

My Thoughts:

HomeFree sent us a couple of different cookies to try. Our favorites were the Chocolate Chocolate Chip, no surprise there, but they were all good. Though allergies are not something I worry about right now, because I usually only feed my own family, HomeFree will probably be a great resource to have as my kids get older and begin having more friends over. I think they are a great idea for parties or other times when you need to cater to many different needs, some of which you may not know about. If you're looking for great party treats make sure you check them out today!

August 25, 2011

Amazing Race Party Printable Review

About Party Printables:

Putting together an amazing race party can be complicated. You need to come up with pit stop ideas and challenges. You need to create teams and organize routes. It can definitely be overwhelming.   This Amazing Race party printables pack includes templates for editable invitation, team colored badges, water bottle wrappers, blank pit stop clue cards including detours and road blocks, challenge detail cards, colored car tags, and challenge envelopes.  All of the above Amazing Race party supplies / printables will be emailed to you in both a Microsoft publisher file and jpg image file. You can easily edit and customize all of these printables to include your personal party information.

My Thoughts:

Although I am not a big fan of Amazing Race I can see how it would make a great teen party. These party printable would make the planning process so much easier. They are well thought out and simple to customize to fit your needs. You should totally check out these, and all the other great theme parties, over at Party Games Plus.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Breastfeeding for the Student Mom - Review

As it gets to be time to go back to school I have been very concerned about how I was going to continue breastfeeding D. Breastfeeding with him is going so well, especially compared to the other boys, and I'm really enjoying it. Because my school is a half hour away from home there is no way I could meet the babysitter to feed him so I've been looking for a great pump to use. I knew I needed a double pump so I would have enough time to pump between classes but I also wanted something that was comfortable and that I could use in the car, as there's not really a better place at school.

When The First Years contacted me about reviewing their miPump and Breastflow bottles I was way excited and now that I have tired these I'm thrilled to tell all of you about their excellent option. 

I have fallen in love with the miPump. I so wish I would have had it when I was pumping and C was in NICU rather than that awful hospital issued thing. The miPump is easy to use with a simple control unit and an easy hold double pump. I love that I can plug it in our use batteries. The other big bonus for me is that it weighs less than 6 lbs. Because I have shoulder problems from carrying to much anyway this is an extra important feature. Mine also came with this adorable carry bag that easily fits everything I need to pump. It is very stylish and I can easily carry it around with no one knowing what is inside. After using this pump a few times I have been pleasantly surprised about how gentle it is on my breasts. The suction seems to have almost a vibration with it that allows the milk to release without feeling like your breast is being torn from your body which I love! The last thing I love about this pump is that the suggested retail price is only $79.99. That is so much less than other pumps of similar quality. If you are looking for a great pump you've got to check this one out!

The bottles that go with this pump are The First Years Breastflow Bottles. So far these are working great for D. Using them hasn't seemed to disrupt our breastfeeding at all which is wonderful. They wash well and so far are holding up well to the abuse of daily use. 

Thank you so much The First Years for making a great product and for allowing me to share it with my friends!

Spa for Ma: Twooth Timer Review

About Twooth Timer:

Experts recommend brushing your teeth for two minutes. A recent study found young adults spent less than 35 seconds brushing their teeth.
New research is that finding heart disease and strokes, as well as diabetes and respiratory disease, may be linked to gum disease. Consider your mouth as a doorway to your body. Plaque is a colorless film of bacteria that sticks to teeth and if not properly removed, can lead to gum disease. The bacteria associated with gum disease can enter your bloodstream and travel throughout your body. Good oral hygiene is the best prevention.
Healthy habits begin early and our award-winning, mom-invented products are designed to help children achieve good dental health and have fun doing it! Recommended by dentists and dental hygienists for a lifetime of healthy smiles!
"As a peridontist and a father, I recommend using Twooth® Timer every time you brush your teeth. In my practice, I have recommended to my patients that they brush their teeth for two minutes after meals or snacks. Before Twooth® Timer, there was no convenient way to accurately time their teeth brushing. Inexpensive and easy to use, it makes brushing fun while helping to promote good oral hygiene. I have my own children using Twooth® Timer to help teach them proper brushing habits."
-- Dr. Scott Rosen, New York

My Thoughts:

My boys love the Twooth Timer. We use it for brushing teeth and a whole bunch of other things. I love this timer because it is easy for both B and C to set themselves as it only turns to two minutes. This means when there is an argument one can get the timer while the other one plays and by the time the "timer child" has finished being fascinated with the timer the time is up and they can switch. This has been an awesome product! Thanks Twooth Timer!

Spa for Ma: Never Out of Style Review

About Never Out of Style:

Unique handmade jewelry in crochet.All my items are made with fine cotton ,eco friendly. free shipping for any order over 12 dollars.

My Thoughts:

I was sent a beautiful bracelet to review. Please note that this photo doesn't even come close to doing it justice. I'm having a hard time getting good photos in my new house. The size is a little big on my small hand but that is ok with me. I love that it is not something I am worried about the kids breaking and yet it is still beautiful. Thanks Never out of Style!

August 24, 2011

Adoptable Pet: Duncan



Binghamton, NY

I am about 5 years old and was found as a stray! I weigh 72 lbs and could use another 4 lbs! I love the company of other dogs and people and want a home with someone who has or has had greyhounds as a companion before!
 If you are a "greyhound person" stop for a visit at the Front Street Dog Shelter!

Spayed/Neutered • Up-to-date with routine shots • House trained 
Primary colors: White or Cream, Brindle • Coat length: Short

Duncan looks like a wonderful dog!  If you would like to learn more about adopting him or donate to his care please contact the shelter for more information.

  • Front Street Dog Shelter
  • Binghamton, NY
  • (607) 778-2493
Email Front Street Dog Shelter

*Note: I am not paid or compensated for Adoptable Pet posts in any way. I have not met these dogs but have found their information using Please contact the individual shelters for more information.

Book Review: Dark Corners - By Liz Schulte

About Dark Corners:

Ella Reynolds knew from the first moment she walked into the old house someone or something was watching her. Waiting. Her husband's violent murder sent her spiraling into a world of grief and isolation, but Ella isn't alone. Who or what is responsible for her husband's death is still with her. Darkness has engulfed the past year of Ella's life. Everyday reality slips a little more between her fingers as she struggles to break free from her memories. She must look deeper into her past as well as the present to discover truth of her husband's homicide. A string of uncanny events takes place and practical explanations run thin as Ella follows the terrifying road to closure. As the past and present come to a head, Ella must decipher who or what the murderer is before it takes her as well.

My Thoughts:

The first thing I suppose I should tell you is that this is not a book I would have normally picked out for myself. Having said that I will tell you that I found it surprisingly enjoying and addicting. Yes, that is why you aren't getting all the posts you should have today, because I spent my time with a book. Although I would not recommend this book for young readers, or for reading just before bed, this was a story that though discussing a homicide was not overly disturbing. Liz Schulte has a wonderful way of telling the story and keeping you attached without making your "real" life terrifying. Thank you Liz for helping me enjoy a genre I would normally avoid.

Wordless Wednesday - Babysitters

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August 23, 2011


This post brought to you by TracFone. All opinions are 100% mine.

As summer winds down are you worrying about how you will keep track of your kids once school is back in? If so you should see what TracFone has to offer. TracFone has so many features you won't know why you are paying so much for a cell phone.

Before you count it out make sure you check out what real TracFone customers have to say. You just might be surprised by what this inexpensive phone has to offer.

This would be a great phone for your new teenagers who spend time out and about with their newly driving friends. real TracFone customers say that when you want to stay in touch with the younger members of your family TracFone is the way to go. Staying in touch with your child doesn't need to break the bank, you just need to know where to look. Although this is not yet an issue at our house E and I are already discussing our options for the boys and TracFone is currently on the list.

With no credit checks, activation fees or cancelation fees, TracFone is a simple and convenient solution to your family's communication concerns. Check them out today!


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Homes for Sale: Tips

As many of you know we just bought our first house. Now that we've been here a week I feel it's time to give you a few tips about buying a home we learned in the process.

1.  The first thing you need is an awesome Agent. I'll tell you more about our Agent another day as that is a post in itself but this person is your biggest key to success so choose carefully.

2. Know what you can settle on and what you can't. There were so many homes that I loved that were beautiful but they were only about 1000 sq ft. I knew this would not work with my growing family so I knew I had to settle for something that needed a few repairs and had the square footage rather than something that was beautiful and didn't.

3. Don't get frustrated. This can be really hard. There were days when I really wanted to give up, like the day I looked at 16 houses while 7 months pregnant and found nothing but coal furnaces (still in use), mold, and other such yucky things.

Buying a home is hard but with the help of a good agent you can find what you are looking for.

I am participating in a blogger campaign by Bucks2Blog in behalf of a Missouri real estate company and was compensated. However, the views and opinions are my own.

Skillet Bacon Jam Review

About Skillet Bacon Jam:

In 2007, Chef Josh Henderson created Skillet Street Food in Seattle, one of the first food experiences of what has since become a prototype for the national street food movement that has swept the country. Out of a vintage Airstream trailer, he created innovative lunch menus based on American-inspired food prepared with classic technique and seasonal ingredients. The reception from Seattle'ites was immediate and passionate. They were drawn to the chef driven food, the excitement of being a part of a new, energetic, urban experience, and to the intimate involvement through the use of social media channels that intensified the connection with the Skillet brand.

Since then, the business has grown up. Josh is still creating great menus served throughout the streets of Seattle from the Airstream. But Skillet is now much more than that. It is a thriving catering enterprise, supporting weddings, private parties, and corporate events throughout the Pacific Northwest. It is a food products business, distributing its signature Bacon Jam product through retailers across the US and Canada. And, in the Spring of 2011, it will become a brick-and-mortar restaurant located in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood.

The original street food business has become a brand but has not strayed from its roots. The thread is still there: great food prepared with care, technique and the best of ingredients; an innovative experience that consistently surprises and satisfies; and a feeling of being personally connected to Skillet, in all its manifestations. We see this as our mission - to continue to deliver on these themes and to continue to find new channels though which we can expand the brand and the family of loyal Skillet customers.

My Thoughts:

For us Skillet Bacon Jam is just weird. We like bacon and the flavor of this is good we're just never sure how to use it. To us part of the point of bacon is the crunchiness but that just doesn't happen in this jam. I think it would be great if you can find the right recipe to put it in but that just didn't happen for us.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Counter Cleaner Review & Giveaway

About Granite Cleaner:

Black Diamond Stoneworks' Granite Cleaner is a premier product designed specifically for the care and maintenance of high-end Granite, Marble and Tile counter tops. Granite is the fastest growing counter material in the United States. Due to the high cost and unique properties of this material, owners need a product specifically designed for Granite and other high end counter tops. This 100% biodegradeable daily cleaner is safe to use on all kitchen, bath and other marble, granite and tile counter tops. The streak-free formula has been tested and approved by marble and granite professionals to quickly remove dirt and grime from tile and stone counter tops without leaving behind soap scum, streaks or a rainbow effect that is common in "All Purpose" cleaners. The pH neutral formula is gentle and will not remove expensive and time consuming sealers. With daily use Granite Cleaner helps to maintain stones factory finish with a brilliant, streak-free shine.       

New Revolutionary Formula with Triple Action Poly Shield (PS3)
  • Cleans Better, leaving NO cleanser residue!
  • Prevents soil from attaching to surface!
  • Provides a streak-free shine!
  • Saves money and saves time by making cleaning easier and faster the next time!
  • Is safe around children and pets. Eco-friendly!
Granite Care System:
Black Diamond's Granite Care System will keep your granite looking great in just three steps. 
1) CLEAN your granite daily with our Granite Cleaner.
2) POLISH your granite every two weeks using our Polish Preserver.
3) SEAL it once a year with our Granite Nex-Gen Sealer.

My Thoughts:

We had to wait until we got into our new house to try this out but so far it works great. The part of my counter you can see, most of it is still covered in boxes, looks awesome! We really like this cleaner and I hope you do too.

There is a free bottle of counter cleaner up for grabs. Enter using the form below.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Toddler Tuesday: Biting

We are having a MAJOR problem at the Kerr house. It's called biting. 

This has been going on with C for a while. His therapists and I are frantically trying to fix it, unfortunately we are fast running out of ideas. We have discovered that C normally bites when he is frustrated because he cannot explain what he wants. At first the only victim was B and it usually happened during play time when I was not watching closely enough but lately C has also tried biting me and E and has been drawing blood on B. This is really not good, obviously, and we need to get it fixed. 

What suggestions do you have for me on helping C not bite? I know that some awesome parents are reading this  and that you have a suggestion running through your head so make sure you let me know what it is in the comment section. Thanks!

Spa for Ma: Jazzy Creative Designs Review

About Jazzy Creative Designs:

Jazzy Creative Designs was founded by Sylvester and Jasmine Renner, social entrepreneurs and philanthropist, previous owners of an online retail store Ambiance Afrik that began operations in August 2006.  We have been active, global social entrepreneurs since our pre-design days, so we are positively excited about the possibilities of combining this "magical and revolutionary" design line with the art of social giving.
As lifelong global entrepreneurs, we have had the unique opportunity to spend a considerable amount of years in two continents; Africa and the west (North America). We love all things African, but we found it difficult to limit our product line to just African goods that are chic, useful and affordable. With eager anticipation to expand our product line, creative inspiration came. We fantasized about a combination of African taste and western designs that would be rich, classy and affordable.
In the Spring of 2011, I stumbled upon a talent we never knew we had. I knew we wanted something with high style and serious function. We knew we wanted something we could put on and run out of the door comfortable in the knowledge that we have something unique, classy and affordable in one perfect package -and thus, Jazzy Creative Designs was born.
Our unique talent is the creation of Ipad covers/sleeves, Macbook covers/sleeves, shoes, tote hand bags, hobos, sachets, purses, clutches, and infinite accessories, using quality African print wax fabric and combining such with western designs. The resultant products are phenomenal. Check out our store for a detailed view of all our products. Our line of products and accessories are distinct and unique. Essentially, we make your accessories unique  using either African Fabric or the like and Western designs.
So stop by and shop with us. Invite your friends. We will be pleased to take in your orders anytime.

My Thoughts:
My only complaint about the bag I was sent is that it is so little, but then again you guys haven't seen the "suitcase" I try to pass of a diaper bag either. Other than that this bag is beautiful! It is well made and it's going to make a wonderful bag for me to carry my stitching in when I go to girl's night.