December 30, 2013

Babywearing Works for Our Family

Most of you know that my kids are really close in age. This isn't a bad thing at our house, just a fact, but every time I have taken them out recently (which has been happening more than usual as we got ready for the holidays) I have gotten the same question: "How do you do it." Today I am here to share one tip with you about how I manage having four kids within four years and still get things done.

Babywearing has been a life safer for me and is something I do continually with my children. It's good for me and good for them which is wonderful! I was first introduced to babywearing by chance when B was only about a week old. I attended a breastfeeding event just days after he was born and was gifted my very first sling from a vendor that was there. I don't have a photo of me with this sling but It was a simple fleece sized sling that I used for a very long time and loved it! From there my love of babywearing began.

Once C was born my babywearing really turned into being a full time adventure. When C was born B was just learning to walk and I was always carrying at least one child so I almost always had one in my sling. Not long after that I began to investigate other types of carriers and trying them out. There hasn't been one that I don't enjoy.

The second carrier I got was my Boba wrap. It is perfect for carrying my little babies up until about six months. My favorite feature about this carrier was that E or I could easily wear it with the baby and they were safe. This has been my go to way to carry my babies with three kids now. My current favorite feature is that when I take my kids out in public I can put my baby in my wrap and not have to worry about them being the correct temperature or people touching them because the wrap takes care of both of those problems for me.

My current go to carrier is my Boba carrier. I love it because I can carry all of my kids in it. This carrier goes with me everywhere (literally). I use my carrier when I'm doing dishes, when we go for a walk, at the store, and even at church. Again, a big bonus to this carrier is that it is safe for children, meaning that it is supportive of their hips, back and neck. We also love this carrier because E and I can share without hardly any adjusting. It is easy to get on and off and keeps everyone comfortable while it's in use.

I highly encourage every mom to check out all the amazing options available for babywearing! It is something that really does work, when done correctly with proper leg and back support, and can help simplify your busy life.
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I am a Boba Ambassador. Please feel free to ask if you have questions about safe babywearing practices.

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