December 16, 2015

Milk for Baby with Fluiditea

 Baby is almost here and that means it's time to pull out many of the necessities that I know I'll want to have around for those first days and weeks after baby's arrival. The car seat, diaper bag, cradle, and more are all out and ready so now it's time to prep some things for myself. This list includes hospital snacks, breast pump, breast pads, and the new Fluiditea for breastfeeding moms.

Fluiditea was kind enough to send me two samples to try with the arrival of this new baby. First is the Fluiditea Clear and Flow that helps clear milk-duct clogging and optimizes flow. I am very excited to try this as my milk comes in those first few days when I have been so uncomfortable in the past. As an ancient, plant based, 100% natural remedy I love that I know it is safe for me and my baby during those first crucial days.

Once my milk is in I'll get the chance to try Fluiditea's other option, Fluiditea Flourish and Grow. This product helps enrich, maximize and sustain milk supply. Like many women, sustaining my milk supply has been a problem in the past and I'm excited to try this tea as it contains some ingredients that I have used in the past to help with this problem and some new ingredients that I haven't tried before but with proven benefits. This tea also is plant based and 100% natural making it a great option for me and baby.

You can learn more about Fluiditea and their other products today on their website, Facebook, twitter or Pinterest. Save 10% when you order in December or January with coupon code DEC15CAK. I'd love to hear your experience with these products and I'll be anxious to share more of mine as soon as our little one makes his grand appearance.

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