November 14, 2017

Gift Ideas for Little Girls

While I am not going to be posting an official Gift Guide this holiday season, I do want to make sure I share some fun gift ideas with you. Today I want to focus on little girls, ages 3-7. This includes two littles at my house so we've been doing a lot of brainstorming and searching. This will be a condensed list of some of our favorite gift ideas for them.

  • Craft Kits - My little girls love to be crafty with mom. And while it can be fun to have them help, oftentimes it's better for them to have their own projects that are more age appropriate. I've found a couple of fun craft kits lately. The first is a neon decoration kit. It comes with glitter and sequins and lots of bright colors which my girls will love. The second is a headband builder kit. Again, comes with lots of great items for the girls to make their own headbands which at my house is something they actually use.
  • Mermaid Tails - These come in lots of versions. You can get blankets and costumes but my favorite are these SunTails. The colors are awesome and they are local to me. I also happen to have a coupon code (BestGiftEver) that will get you a 10% discount.
  • Princess Anything - I don't know about your little girls but mine are big into princesses. Their favorite changes from day to day but princess anything will make them happy. This year we're stocking up on dress up clothes, tutus, crowns, capes, and dolls in princess themes. It will go great in my girl's new room and give them many hours of fun!
What is your favorite thing to gift to little girls? We want to hear your ideas and/or favorite memories!

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