December 12, 2017

Budget Gift Ideas for the Hard To Shop For

Those of you who know me know that I'm always on a very strict budget. This goes for everything from groceries to holiday gifting. Sometimes the hardest people for me to gift for are those that I don't know very well because I can't shop for them all year long like I do my children and husband. Today I want to share some ideas for the hard to shop for on your list.

* Portable Cooling Stand - this is a great gift for most anyone. All of us have tech devices and need easy to use, transportable stands for them. This is a simple gift that is easy to ship and fits all devices so you don't need to know specifics. A great gift that they will actually use.

* Cake in a Mug - I like this one because you can make it at home. I love getting these simple cakes in a mug and they make great neighbor gifts that people can continue using long after the yummy cake is gone.

* Flowers - another easy to give gift. This is unique at the holidays but beautiful flowers to brighten those dark holiday days are welcome in any home. Both traditional holiday flowers, like poinsettias, and more unique flowers, like roses or daises, are great for holiday gifting!

* Fresh Fruit - again something that helps brighten those dark winter days. Fresh fruit is so healthy and good for you and is bound to be appreciated by any recipient.

These are some of my favorite ideas for holiday gifting. What are some of your best ideas for those you don't know so well? Tell us about it!

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