May 6, 2018

When I'm with You by Donna Hill

The bad-boy heir to the Lawson dynasty has found love!

Until his past threatens the future…

Longtime New Orleans bachelor Rafe Lawson is finally ready to tie the knot. His heart has been captured by gorgeous senator’s daughter Avery Richards. Then the media descends, jeopardizing her Secret Service career—and their imminent wedding. But it’s the unexpected return of Rafe’s first love that could cost the tycoon everything.

I had the chance to read this book over the weekend and loved it! I read this book for the Extreme Book Nerd Challenge in the category " a book with x, y, or z in the title". It was a great read about overcoming obstacles for the one you truly love. In a world where everything that can go wrong does, Rafe and Avery's love story is a wonderful one!

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