May 30, 2011

Ready 4 Baby D: Angela's Creations Review

About Angela's Creations:
I am a mother of three girls, and have decided to join the etsy family and share my designs. I enjoy sewing and everything embroidery. Thanks for taking the time and checking out my site.
My Thoughts:
Angela sent us this adorable bib to review. I loved the animals and tractors as it gives us something to talk about with the boys at the dinner table. This bib is the perfect size for a baby just learning to eat. It has a small neck but a large belly covering which makes it ideal for this purpose. This bib is also not overly thick which helps it not to drown a small child but is absorbent enough to withstand small amounts of fluid.
If you're looking for adorable items at great prices make sure you check out Angela's Creations HERE and let her know Kerrific sent you.

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