May 20, 2011

Ready 4 Baby D: Comfortable Creations Review

About Comfortable Creations:

Simple solutions from one mother to another. We offer cheap, easy cloth diapering alternatives without breaking the bank. Come check us out! And keep in mind - everything here comes from a smoke free home.

My Thoughts:

This is a very well made cloth diaper. It is however too big for baby D at this point. The legs fit well but the waist is still a bit too big for now (He was 6 lbs 14 oz and 19.5 inches at birth). I love that it has the umbilical cord snap down as that is something that most diapers do not have. This diaper is also very absorbent and will work well once it fits the baby. At $8 each these diapers are very affordable and should last a long time. You will however need to purchase some covers to go with as they are not an all in one. I cannot wait to use this diaper because of its obvious durability. The photos below are to help show you the size. The diaper was done up on the smallest setting with the first photo being taken from directly above and the second photo with the car driving through the leg hole. 

Make sure you check out all of Comfortable Creations' cloth diapering items HERE and watch for a great giveaway later this month.

*Disclosure: This product was provided to me at no charge by the company for a fair and honest review. The ideas and opinions expressed are my own. I was not paid or compensated in any other way.

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