May 31, 2014

A Cute Little Mess

We all know that babies are adorable but what about when they get a little older and learn to eat solids? I know when my kids hit this stage I'm never sure whether I should laugh or cry. They are still cute but it is also a big mess! Today I want to suggest two brands that will help you keep your baby cute and cleaner.

The first is Zookaboo! This shop specializes in handmade infant clothing. She carries everything from diaper covers and wipes to mittens and blankets. The patterns are adorable and the quality is top notch! We got a bringing home baby set from Zookaboo that is adorable and I can't wait to try it on our new little one. Zookaboo will definitely help keep your baby cute this season!

For helping to keep your baby clean may I introduce NumNum Dips. These awesome new tools were designed to allow your child to eat soft foods by themselves before they are coordinated enough to use a spoon. The specially designed heads allow young toddlers to simply dip the NumNums in the food and lift it to their mouth thus removing the harder scooping skills needed with a spoon. They are also sized just perfectly to fit in baby's hands and their soft texture is perfect for chewing during the long months of teething. NumNum Dips are also 100% PVC and BPA free meaning that you can feel safe using them with your children.

Now that you've heard about two more of our favorite brands I'm curious, which concerns you more, keeping your baby cute or keeping them clean?


  1. Def keeping them clean....Im a bit of a neat freak which is amplified by not having a washer and dryer at our apartment.

  2. I think both are a win! Cute and Clean are my concerns!

  3. Definitely keeping them clean, if they are clean they are cute! Well they are cute no matter what but clean is nice!

  4. Keeping them clean....that's important.

  5. Keeping my baby clean is definitely priority.