June 5, 2014

Diaper Bag Necessities

Diaper bags really are annoying things. They tend to be large and bulky, and if your travels are anything like mine, a big mess. I have to take about an hour every other month to clean out my diaper bag. It's a thankless task to say the least but this time I had some new Zizzy Bee Bags to help me keep it organized. These unique mesh bags are perfect for organizing. They come in two sizes so you don't have a lot of extra bulk and their see through mesh makes them easy to tell what is inside. My favorite use of these bags so far is that I can make one for each child. Then when we go someplace where I need them to sit quietly I can hand them their bag that has a few toys and a snack and I know they will be ok.

Another must have in my diaper bag is at least one bib. After not finding bibs that I liked for my children I finally started making my own. Our Kerrific Bibs feature a fun flannel print on the front with wither a terry cloth or a bamboo fleece on the back. This two layer construction allows for me to use them both to keep the baby clean and then as a wash cloth to wash their face and hands once they are done eating - a must have especially when we are eating out. The size on these bibs is designed to work on both babies who are just learning to eat and toddlers who may need a little extra help staying clean. The last feature that we love is the double snap closure. No, my toddlers can't take this bib of themselves, a mommy life saver.

The last, and most obvious, must have in my diaper bag is the diapers. Right now I have a Wonderful Bambino Diaper in my bag. I love these simple fitted diapers because they fit both of my children currently in diapers - this is a must for the diaper bag. I also love that they are soft, simple to use, and super absorbent. Wonderful Bambino makes their diapers from 100% bamboo which means when we are out and about this is a diaper that is on my side in preventing leaks and keeping my child comfortable.

What is your diaper bag must have? How do you keep your bag organized? Tell us, we're adding another child and would love to use your tips to help keep us organized.

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