June 9, 2015

Aroma Trees Fragrance Room Sprays

It's crazy how fast your kids grow! I can't believe that my little boys are turning into big boys. #Sigh Sometimes I wish they could stay little forever. One of the things I'm disliking the most is that my house is starting to smell like "big boy" - Ugh! We've tried a lot of different things to try to help the smell but one of the best things we've found so far is Aroma Tree Fragrance Room Sprays.

These sprays are biodegradable, environmentally safe and vegan friendly making them a great solution for most any home. We tried the Fresh Apple Cinnamon scent and the only downside I can find is that it makes me hungry. The scent itself lasted a very long time, over 12 hours in our bathroom,

This is a great solution whether you want to cover up stink like I do or have another need, like staging a home for sale. You can't go wrong with Aroma Trees Fragrance Room Sprays.

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