December 6, 2011

Exederm Review

I have used Exederm products all my life but I have just recently been introduced to their baby line. It has been wonderful to see that the excellence I have come to expect from their adult products is also found in their baby products. I have been so pleased that Exederm cares as much for my children's skin as I do.

There is so much I love about this set but probably my favorite piece is the baby bath. Because we make our own cloth wipe solution I have had the chance to use it extensively and I love that I have had no rash problems while using this baby bath in my solution. Because my boys all have sensitive skin this is a big deal at our house. We have also been using the baby bath during bath time and although the big boys were disappointed that it did not make as many bubbles they sure did have a fun time looking for the hiding bubbles through bath time. I also loved the ending result which was clean, but not dry, skin.

Another big bonus is that I can share these great products with my kids and not smell like "baby" because they are fragrance free! This also means these would be some awesome stocking stuffers for any mom or baby. Happy Shopping!

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