December 8, 2011

Ways to Help Homeless Pets

If you want to help make sure homeless pets have a warm place to sleep this winter but you aren't quite ready to adopt, here are some great ideas of what you can do today.

  • Make a donation to a foundation such as the Foundation.
  • Pick up an extra bag of dog food, cat food or cat litter and drop it off at your local animal shelter. These bags are not only used at the shelter but are often sent home with a newly adopted pet to help them get the best possible start.
  • Pull out all your old leashes, collars, bowls, beds and pet toys. Make sure you wash them well and then drop them off at your local shelter. If you don't have a pet things like towels brushes and combs are also helpful. These things are always in high need and will be put to good use.
  • Time. If you have even an extra hour or two volunteer at your local shelter or humane society. The help is always much appreciated and many times your job will be as simple as holding the animals and loving them. What better gift could you give this holiday season?

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