December 6, 2011

Swaddle Designs Review

With three kids we go through more blankets than I know what to do with some days. The big boys are always either cold or having accidents and D drools all over everything so we end up changing his bedding at least once a day. Recently we were sent a Swaddle Duo set of blankets from Swaddle Designs to add to our blanket collection and I have been absolutely thrilled with them.

Although my boys are a bit to big, and rebellious, to swaddle, these blankets are a wonderful size and are used almost every day. I love that the Swaddle Duo set comes with both a flannel and an openweave cotton blanket so that you are prepared for any weather, or any change in temperature throughout the day.

As you can see the blankets were large enough to swaddle even six month old D. The swaddle job didn't last for long but I am able to swaddle him which works great for feeding time especially.

D's favorite way to use the cotton blanket is as a cuddle buddy. He loves to curl up with it next to him in bed. This has made this blanket a winner in our books.

The Swaddle Duo is the perfect set for gift giving for new babies. Make sure you check them out today as this would make an awesome Christmas gift!

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