July 8, 2012

Exederm Review

One thing I didn't think much about when I had my first baby was things like lotion and baby wash. It seems like it should be common sense but I didn't even think about stocking up on these items. I have since learned that this is something I need to have ready when the new baby arrives. When you pick out products to use with your special little one you want to make sure they are the very best for them. One product line that works really well on my boys sensitive skin is Exederm.

Recently Exederm sent us some samples from their product line to review and we still love them! Probably our very favorite part of this line is the baby bath. I love the bottle it comes in because it makes it super easy to use even when you only have one hand! The lotion is great for after baths and we love that we have never had a problem with allergic reactions thanks to the fact that there are no fragrances, colors or dyes.

Although Exederm does have an adult line I love using the baby line on myself too. It always works well and leaves my skin feeling nice. Because I also have sensitive skin this is a wonderful benefit at our house and I love not having to keep two separate lotions around. If you have sensitive skin I highly suggest you try Exederms product line and see if it works for you!

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