July 9, 2012

Valco Baby Seat Pad Review

When B was a newborn I remember thinking how awkward he looked in his car seat. To fix this I did what I had seen my mother do, I rolled up a towel and placed it next to him to help hold his head up. This worked ok but I was always re-rolling the towel and it didn't work at all in the stroller making it impossible to keep him from falling over there.
Thanks to our new seat pad from Valco baby we now have the ability to keep baby upright in both the car seat and the stroller. It not only looks better than my towel, it works better too! Valco Baby has given parents a great choice with these seat pads. Not only do they come in lots of bright colors that you can mix and match but they are also well designed and made to last.
This seat pad is designed in two parts allowing it to grow with your baby, and you to mix and match colors. It has a simple Velcro fastener so installation is super easy. I recommend getting two, one for the car seat and one for the stroller, as these seat pads double as a seat liner and will help make clean up easier when your child decides to make one of the specialty messes.
I can't wait to use our new seat pad with the baby because I'm sure she's going to love it as much as I do. Thanks Valco Baby!

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