October 17, 2012

Daddy Scrubs

Moms spend lots of time deciding on outfits for important moments in their lives. I know for me that my "home from the hospital" outfit is one of those. I also spend a ton of time picking out the clothes my kids will wear home and then it is a treasured outfit that I will save. I'm assuming I'm not the only mom that's sentimental so today I am please to introduce you to the perfect outfit for dads during the special time of having a new baby, Daddy Scrubs.

Daddy Scrubs are a great gift for a new dad. E says they are super comfy and he really likes to wear them around the house. I would assume that this would make them a great set of clothes to choose for while your wife is in labor but I can't verify that as we never have long enough to wear anything but our pjs to the hospital. 

Our scrubs have washed up really well and I love that they are holding up through weekly use. If you want a great gift for dad, for a new baby, holiday, or just because, you should consider Daddy Scrubs. I know dad will be thrilled!

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