March 7, 2013

Finding the Best Mower for Your Yard

Spring is almost here, I hope, so it's time to start thinking about what I want to do with my yard this year. I've started with the flower beds since the snow is slowly melting. I'm excited for my tulips to start showing since that will mean that it's Birthday time at the Kerr house (a simple bonus to spring time around here). Next on my list is fixing the hen house for the new baby chicks we are getting. More on that soon but we do have some work to do before it will be ready for them to move in.
After that is taken care of hopefully the snow will be completely gone so I can start working on the lawn. There is a whole lot to do in that aspect. We've got to start with some dirt to fill in the holes. This will be followed by seed, water, and much TLC to get our yard into the condition we would like it to be in. Once this happens we will need a new lawn mower. E suggested that if our yard was a little bigger we would get the best zero turnmower we could find but since we are on a small city lot for now we'll settle with a used push mower which means that I will be getting some lawn mowing workouts this summer as part of my weight loss experience.
The good news is that once we have our yard my kids can quit terrorizing the house and we can go outside to play. This is a feature that I am super excited about. I love taking the kids outside and they love being outside. There is nothing more fun on a summer day than taking a book out to sit in our porch swing and watching the kids play on the grass. It's so fun to watch them run and jump and play. Between them my three lovable boys and our three crazy pooches we get quite the show. There's never a dull moment in the Kerr yard during the summer!

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