March 26, 2013

Sexy An I Know It with Juliet Dream's Designer Maternity Styles

As a mom of four generally the last thing I'm worried about is how I look. You've all seen my comfy look which is super easy to throw on as I'm running around trying to keep children out of their sister's bed and away from any food they may find in the trash can - more on D's latest adventures another day though. Today I'm here to show you my awesome sexy look! I was so happy when I got dressed this Sunday and came out looking like this after just twenty minutes. There is no way I could have done it without Juliet Dream's designer tie maternity shirt
I love this shirt because it really does go with anything! It fit great while I was pregnant so I wore it most of the winter and now I'm continuing to wear it to nurse in this spring. This is the outfit that I wore for St Patrick's day and I loved that I actually felt cute. The skirt and shirt were from my high school days (I actually wore them when I did my interview for Junior Miss) and I love how this awesome tie shirt hides my mommy rolls while still making me feel just as adorable as I did in high school.
This sensation is what will happen every time you put on something from Juliet Dream. They have an amazing line of maternity and women's clothing that is sure to make you feel sexy while still allowing you to accomplish all of your motherly tasks.

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