March 11, 2013

HALO SwaddleChange - Preventing Poopy Fingers

Being a stay at home mom is great but there are certain times during the day that I wish I had an extra set of hands. You know, mealtimes, nap time, all those times when I need to be able to deal with multiple children at the same time (aka anytime I'm nursing the baby and the older kids need attention). Thanks to HALO one of those times, diaper changing time, is something I am better able to handle myself.
I am absolutely in love with HALO's new SwaddleChange. It has been super helpful for me with keeping little fingers out of dirty diapers while I'm changing and has saved me much time that would have otherwise been spent trying to clean little fingers before they wound up back in someone's mouth.
The SwaddleChange is easy to use. It's simply a Velcro type closure on a wrap that is attached to a changing pad cover. I love it for diaper changes! Not only does it help my little ones (and not so little ones) hold still but it also helped to keep baby F quiet during those first few months when unwrapping her could lead to chaos.
I've used it on all my diapered kids and it works well for all of them. F gets to use it the most, simply because she doesn't understand what no means, but I have also used it on B & C to help them better control their squirms. C got a whole bunch of use out of this swaddle last month after his horrible, and I mean hospital trip, diaper rash that we couldn't figure out how to cure (more on that another time)  because he had huge blisters and all he wanted to do was scratch. I don't know what I would have done without this tool because his brothers simply aren't strong enough to help me hold him when he's that mad.
I recommend this changing pad cover for any parent. It's a great set of extra hands to have around. The fabric also washes well, we've had ours in use almost four months and it's not stained at all, and still looks new. Trust me when I say this is an investment you'll appreciate! Thanks HALO for another great product to lend mom an extra hand!


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  2. oh my thats so cute and funny at the same time.. looks like a baby straight jacket lol! =)