September 19, 2013

Keeping Your Mouth Healthy and Clean

Smile! Cheese! Oh, the ways to show a big grin. Each person has a unique, beautiful smile; thankfully the ways to care for those smiles are not as diverse. The dentists at Drake Dentistry and other such clinics will tell you that the best way to care for your smile is to follow the guidelines recommended by the American Dental Association or ADA.


When you hear something quite a bit the idea can become mundane and lose importance, and like other things, brushing is one of those topics you may hear about over and over again. There is a reason why you hear about brushing so much, it is super important. Your mouth needs to be healthy not only so you can chew up that nice juicy steak or take a big bite of a delicious green apple, but so your overall health can be positive as well. Did you know that the health of your mouth can affect your heart, a pregnancy, and even diabetes? So, when you are considering taking the time to brush after lunch, do it! In fact, you should brush three times a day.


While you may have brushing down pat, you may not think that flossing is important or worth your time. You brush really well, you brush after every meal, so why floss? Flossing gets the food particles that snuggle down in the spaces between your teeth. While you might think that nothing could possibly hide in those small, little cracks, you would be wrong. This is the secret of ‘sugar bugs’ (the bacteria that will eat away your teeth). They nestle down in between your teeth and eat away at the enamel while you brush away thinking you do not need to floss. You should floss after every meal.


The last thing you have heard over and over again by professionals like those at Drake Dentistry is to go in twice yearly for a dental cleaning and check up. Yes, it is a pain to take time out of your schedule to go in, but just get it done. It is important for your health.

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