September 10, 2013

Overnights at Grandma's with Kelty Sleeping Bags

With the holidays fast approaching (really, isn't it still May?), that means it's about time to start thinking about sleep overs at Grandma's house again. It has kinda become a holiday tradition to go to Grandma's for Christmas and spend the week with aunts and uncles there. The kids always have lots of fun and although it is hard to travel for the holidays I think the memories they are making are totally worth it.
This year, F will be taking her new Kelty Big Dipper 30 with her snuggle in at Grandma's house. She got this amazing bag for her birthday from Kelty and we both just love it! *note: photos are taken with C, he's better at holding still*
I picked out this sleeping bag to try because of it's size and temperature ratings. We're in Idaho so it's important that wherever we go my kids stay warm and safe and that means that they each need an appropriate sleeping bag. The Big Dipper 30 is a perfect choice for us because F can use it now and continue to use it until she's a teenager. Since I'm only 5'8" I could even borrow this bag if I really needed to (it's made to fit up to 5'4"). I just love getting things that are going to last my kids a long time. It's well worth the investment!

After all that the other thing I love about this sleeping bag is how easy it is to use. The bag has a hood (with adorable fur for a bonus) to keep kids tucked safely inside. One neat thing is that the back of the hood has a pillow pocket so you can take your pillow camping and keep it clean too.

While E was helping me get pictures of the Big Dipper 30, one thing he mentioned was how easy it is to roll up and stuff into the bag. Most traditional sleeping bags that I have seen stuff into the small, round end of the bag but the Kelty sleeping bag stuffs through the long side which makes it much easier to get in. An added bonus for a kids bag for sure!
I am in love with our new Kelty sleeping bag and recommend any parent looking for a good child's sleeping bag stop by Kelty and check out their selection!

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