September 4, 2013

The Power of a Call to Action

When considering where Internet-marketing dollars should be spent, one place that often gets too little attention is that of conversion optimization. Many businesses spend a lot of money working to get visitors to their website on the Internet. However, a visitor to the site does not do any good unless it prompts some people to make a purchase or take some form of action. The process of making changes to the site to improve the actions taken is called conversion optimization. Sometimes business owners try to make a call to action too complicated. A simple “call now” call to action does really well on lead generations for a site where a call is the necessary next step.

The Placement of a Call to Action

One of the key elements in regards to calls to action on a website is the placement of them. For example, most people look for a call to action at the bottom right of a page. Understanding where people look for that makes it easier to know where to put it. Another factor to consider is design of the call to action. A proper call to action should stand out from the page and be easy for anyone to find. This can be done with color background, larger text, etc.

 Test, Test, Test

The best way to improve the conversion rate on a website is to test, test, and test again. By making measured adjustments and then testing, the conversion rate will continue to improve. This improvement happens because there is a deliberate strategy carried out and measured, and then changes made and tested again. By testing all aspects of the calls to action on the site in a controlled manner, the results can be distinctly determined and changes made based on the best combinations. When dealing with a lead generation site, the call to action is often something like “call now” or “fill out this form.” When dealing with calls, it is critical that tracking is put into place to allow proper tracking of online marketing efforts that lead directly to a call. There are many ways to get this done. It is a matter of doing a little research online and making a decision of what to use to accomplish this.

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