About Us

We are the Kerr family, homesteading here in Idaho. Here are the "ABC"s about us.

A is the mom here. You'll notice that I write most of the posts here at Kerrific. I also manage our shop at www.kerrific.com and am responsible for the daily chores here on the homestead along with all the typical mothering tasks like cooking, homework help, and taxi driver. I have a degree in math and I love learning about most any topic. When I have extra time I like to read, sew, do needlepoint, and various other crafts and activities.

B is our oldest. At 9 years old we are excited to start having some guest blog posts from this handsome boy. B is super smart and loves to go to school. B currently participates in Cub Scouts, 4-H (where he recently won Grand Champion in rabbits at our county fair), and runs cross country for his school.

C is our crazy child. I love him to pieces but he's a handful. C has been diagnosed with Disruptive Mood Dis-regulation Disorder and keeps me on my toes for sure. Because of C's diagnosed disability, we are thankful for a wonderful school and other resources that help us get C the help he needs to succeed. C just turned 8 and is excited to start Cub Scouts and 4-H.

D is 6 and is never what you expect. He just started 1st grade and is loving staying all day at school even though going without a nap often makes him crabby by the time he gets home to us. D loves to do whatever his big brothers are doing and is also a great help with the little kids.

E is the dad here at the Kerr house. He is a certified arborist and works all day climbing trees with chainsaws (I just don't ask). E loves his job and is blessed to have enough time after work to help finish up any chores that we may have left that day at the homestead. E's quirk is that he is a tree dork. It's rarely we go for a drive and he doesn't make some sort of comment about how the trees have this or that disease or that they need to be trimmed for this reason or that. Yep, he's a dork.

F is our first little girl. When she grows up she really wants to be a princess and is excited to start Kindergarten this year to learn how. Although she's all girl she also likes to try to keep up with her brothers and it's not uncommon to see her in a tutu digging in the dirt.

G is my preschooler and also loves to be a princess. Last summer she was hit in the eye with a teeter totter and we spend a lot of time working with her to help correct her vision. G is also our tiny one and so much fun to dress because she looks about half her grand age of 3.

H is my monster. At almost 2 he was born the week before Christmas and is always a surprise. He keeps up with all the big kids and can always be seen following them around even to places we don't think he can get like the counter tops and the top of the tree house. H loves to help mom in the barnyard and is not afraid to pick up the rabbits or the chickens (if they'll let him).

I is our baby. He arrived this spring and has enjoyed spending the summer snuggling with mom and other family members as we vacationed. He's growing like a weed and we love seeing his little smile start to show.

Here on the Kerr homestead we love our animals too. Here's a little bit about our homestead so far.

Bo, Buster and Avalanche are our wonderful dogs. They have each been adopted from a different local rescue and we love having them in our family. Bo is a Schnauzer mix and about 5 years old. Buster is a Shepherd mix and about 2 years old. Avalanche is a Great Pyrenees and is just under a year old and growing. Needless to say, we go through a lot of dog food!

Z&Z are brothers who were originally fosters in our home through the humane society we volunteer with. They were so good with the boys that we ended up adopting them. They are now about 5 years old and still as sweet as ever.

Our cookie collection is found in our rabbitry. We have quite the collection of New Zealand and Rex rabbits that we breed for meat and fur. Our Rex buck, Gingerbread, was recently rewarded grand champion at the county fair with B. Our rabbits are raised on homemade feed and locally grown hay and are not only beautiful but also friendly and delicious.

Other animals we include in our barnyard are chickens and quail. We use homemade food for both and enjoy the homegrown food they give us in return.

The Kerrific Homestead wouldn't be complete without a wonderful garden. We use a square foot gardening method and love eating our fresh grown food and preserving it for later use. There's nothing quite like cooking a meal that was grown 100% on your land. 

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