About Us

We are the Kerr family from Idaho. Here are the "ABC"s about us.

A is a stay at home mom who loves to spend time with her boys. She loves to sew, do needlepoint, read, and dance. A works hard to live on a tight budget with her little family. A is also now a proud graduate with a degree in math. She runs the blog here and our stores at http://etsy.com/shop/kerrific and http://kerrific.com along with our Diaper Service in Eastern Idaho.

B is a ever loving little boy. As a 6 year old he is enjoying his first adventures at big boy school in 1st Grade. At home, B is Mommy's big helper and can tackle just about everything from dishes to diapers.

C is a energetic 5 year old boy. He loves anything his brother has and doesn't want to give him. C's specialty is causing trouble. C is excited to be going to preschool again this year thanks to a late fall birthday.

D is a beautiful blue eyed 3 year old who loves to smile. He loves to be outside and is often seen wearing shoes, gloves, coat and hat even inside! D is also participating in preschool for the first time this year and loving every moment of it. 

E is a wonderful and loving husband. He works hard and attends school to help provide for our family. E loves to be outside in this beautiful world. E is also his sons' favorite person. They all know when it's time for Daddy to come home and wait by the window to give him a big hug as soon as he gets home.

F is our sweet 2 year old girl. She is the cuddle bug we've all been waiting for! F is mom's big helper at home and loves to play mommy with her purse, hat, and baby.

G is our sweet little baby. She joined our family summer of 2014 and we love her to pieces. We're excited to see as she gains her own personality and starts sharing her smiles with us!

Bo, Buster and Avalanche are our wonderful dogs. They have each been adopted from a different local rescue and we love having them in our family. Bo is a Schnauzer mix and about 5 years old. Buster is a Shepherd mix and about 2 years old. Avalanche is a Great Pyrenees and is just under a year old and growing. Needless to say, we go through a lot of dog food!

Z&Z are brothers who were originally fosters in our home through the humane society we volunteer with. They were so good with the boys that we ended up adopting them. They are now about 3 years old and still as sweet as ever.

Photos courtesy of Forever Memories Photography.