April 28, 2012

Enjoying the Outdoors

As the weather begins to warm the boys and I are enjoying spending more time outside. We love to play in the yard and go on walks with the dogs but often I wish I could spend some relaxing time outside with E in the evenings. One thing we have talked about that we would both enjoy is a hot tub. 

Although this is not an option right now, due to pregnancy, finances, and lack of time, a hot tub is something E and I look forward to having as our kids get older. Wouldn't it be fun to sit in a relaxing hot tub on a cool spring evening with your loved one? I think it sounds like a wonderful evening, especially as I sit here wrapped an a blanket because my feet are freezing.

I love this hot tub I found with its SpaCap Hot Tub Cover. Isn't it beautiful! This cover makes the hot tub look different from a traditional hot tub and it is light weight, filled with air, not foam, which means even when E is not around I could get in the hot tub by myself and enjoy a good book. What a beautiful dream!

Small Shopping Trip

We just did a small shopping trip this week. I haven't been feeling the best and the deals weren't what we needed so this is what I ended up with. We shopped Target and Walgreens.

Total Spent: $21.47
Total Saved: $41.19 (66%)
Rewards Remaining: $15

April 27, 2012

Organic Gardening

This post brought to you by Whitney Farms. All opinions are 100% mine.

If there is one thing I really want to provide for my family it is healthy food. This can be super hard with toddlers who are picky eaters and I have told you before how allowing them to help plant  a garden can encourage them to eat fresh fruits and veggies because 
they feel it is part of their accomplishment.
One of the nice things for me about planting a garden is that I can control what goes into our food. There are a large range of products available to use on your garden and with a little research you can find choices that will work well for your family.
109103_1.jpg (6 documents, 6 total pages)Whitney Farms® is a company that provides organic soil and organic plant food. They have over twenty-five years of experience in healthy gardening and are an excelent choice for those wanting to try their hand at organic gardening.
Organic garden products are not only better for you to eat but they also help provide a measure of safety for your family as they interact with the garden. I love using organic plant food because it is safer for myself, my kids, and our pets as we work and play in the garden. It is a simple measure that is so much simpler than trying to keep the kids from putting their hands in their mouths as they learn to do tasks like pulling weeds and harvesting vegetables.
Head on over to try out Whitney Farms today with a $3 off coupon.
Whitney-Farms-Logo_Banner_New_C.jpg (6 documents, 6 total pages)

Car Seat Organizer Review

With three little boys our car tends to be an extension of our living space and turns into a mess quickly. This is the biggest problem during the winter because I don't like to go outside to clean out the car very often. Thanks to our new car organizer things in the Kerr car are beginning to be a bit more organized.

I have to say that I really like this organizer. Because or seats don't have pockets on the back this has solved a problem we didn't know we had. As you can see it usually has a water bottle, dog leash, some burp rags, and a pocket for small toys. The other pocket usually has a roll of toilet paper in it, since you never know when you might need a tissue.

This organizer is a simple black which looks great in my car. It is also holding up really well. I love that the fabric is slick so it is easy to wipe off when it gets mud, juice or anything else on it.

You can check out this and a bunch of other great travel products at TravelProducts.com.

Types of Razors

There are lots of different razors available for today's shavers. Everyone has seen the large selection of razors at the store. Sometimes the selection can be a little daunting.

Most of the razors we see in the store's collection are disposable straight blade razors. These razors to the job of a traditional straight razors without requiring the technique a barber, the traditional user of a straight blade razor.

There are many other things that you will probably want before you start shaving to go with your razor. One thing everyone needs is a good shaving cream or shaving soap. There are lots of different kinds of shaving creams to choose from. My favorites are those that are moisturizing that makes shaving less likely to dry out my skin.

Most men also like having a mirror when they shave. If your man likes to shave in the shower you might want to get him a fog-less mirror to go with is razor and shaving cream. I know this is one of my husband's favorite shower tools.

Everyone has a favorite razor and accessories that work best for them. If you don't like what you first try, try something else. Shaving doesn't have to be painful or irritating. You just need to work to find the best razor and accessories for you.

I am participating in a blogger campaign by Bucks2Blog and was compensated. However, the views and opinions are my own.

April 26, 2012

Tropical Traditions Organic Moisturizing Cream Review & Giveaway

Finding a moisturizing cream that is not only healthy for your skin but that works well for you can be a challenge. I have been given the opportunity to try Tropical Traditions Moisturizing Cream and I have really enjoyed the opportunity.

My favorite thing about this moisturizing cream is that it does not leave my skin greasy. I have really enjoyed this with my legs because I don't feel like I have to choose between oily or dry. The Tropical Traditions Moisturizing Cream gives me carefully moisturized skin without the greasy look which I love!

Tropical Traditions is giving one Kerrific reader their very own jar of Moisturizing Cream. Please use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter. Good Luck! a Rafflecopter giveaway

Rufus - Adoptable

I don't know that there's anyone who doesn't love the big floppy ears of the Basset. Rufus is one dog who would be more than happy for a loving family to fall in love with him and his adorable ears. Rufus is 4 years old and sounds like a great dog for a family. He is up for adoption through the Basset Buddies Rescue who tell me that he is very smart, house trained, and cuddly. What more could a family want?

April 23, 2012

Splendipity Review

With every baby comes the task of keeping them safe. For my babies a big part of that is keeping them out of the sun and wind when we are out and about. This wasn't a problem with baby #1, we just stayed home, but the more children I have the harder time we have staying in so keeping them covered is a necessity.

To help us solve this problem, Splendipity sent us an awesome car seat cover, along with a matching burp cloth and bib, to review. I really like this cover and am anxious to use it with Baby F. My favorite thing is that it has ventilation and a vision area so you can see your baby. This is especially great during hot summer months here in Idaho. I also like that it stays put in the wind thanks to it's secure attachment to the car seat. The hardest part for me is getting it on and off, which I'm sure will get better with practice. I should also note that there is a handy pocket in the front that is very nice for dropping your keys in while you put the car seat in the car (or take it out) so you don't drop them on the ground.

You can check out this awesome car seat cover, and lots of other fun items, over at Splendipity.

April 21, 2012

Maranda Lee Review

Here at the Kerr house we've been through a few diaper bags. We've done little and only taking what is absolutely necessary and we've done huge to take everything we might need for 3 kids. They both have their benefits and times when they are necessary. As my big boys have gotten older, and we moved closer to town, I've need to take all the supplies less and have gotten another new diaper bag.

Maranda Lee sent me a Emma bag in some beautiful colors. It is the first diaper bag I have had that has been both beautiful and function-able which I think is awesome! We've been using it for a while now and there has only been once that it was not big enough (we were going out of town and needed something to hold more than one change of clothes per kid) but other than that I have loved it!

This is the perfect bag for your everyday outings. As you can see it easily holds some clothes, a wet bag with 2-3 diapers, a blanket, some snacks for mom, water, a bottle, some nose wipes, and a few small toys. It doesn't look big or bulky and I don't feel like I have to hide it when I see all those stylish young women with their fashion purses.

If you're looking for an awesome bag, for diapers or otherwise, I highly recommend Maranda Lee!

April 17, 2012

Juppy Review

Don't get me wrong, I love that my kids are close together in age, but it can cause some disadvantages at times.  One of these times tends to be as the kids are learning to walk. I love it when they start walking because it means I don't have to carry them as much but sometimes teaching them is a little hard on my pregnant back.

This is why I am super excited to have a Juppy this time around! The Juppy works to help you keep your baby upright without having to bend over as far. So far it is working great. Aside from D being sick, he does well at standing up in the Juppy. He's still not quite stable enough on his own to move his feet but time will fix that.

I look forward to using the Juppy as we teach D to walk and save myself some back pain. Thanks Juppy for helping us moms do a little better!

Planting a Garden

This post brought to you by Scotts®. All opinions are 100% mine.

As a family to strives to care for themselves we like to keep a garden. Because we live in a cold(er) climate that means we are required to start our seeds indoors in small cups. This year we saved ourselves extra money by using cups made out of our old newspaper and Expand ‘n Gro™  potting soil.

Last week our little seeds poped their heads through the soil and this week they are looking more and more like little plants. We have tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, herbs, pumpkins, peppers, and more. It is not only good for our diet to have these healthy foods readily available but it is also good for the kids to watch them grow. 

There is something about planting a seed and watching it grow. Weeding. Watering. And gathering fruit. It makes kids more willing to try all these foods that are so good for them. It also encourages me, as mom, to find fun and new ways to prepare the foods so we do not waste our hard work.

We love planting a garden each spring. The results are so rewarding! What a wonderful way to teach your children to care for themselves and to help your family get the nutrients they need from fresh fruits and veggies. There are so many great ways you can garden and so many great tools to help you succeed. EnG Product Shot.pngAdvertisement

Visit Sponsor's Site

April 16, 2012

Milk-Saver Review

I love breastfeeding my kids. I hate those first weeks when every time I do I have to change not only my breast pad, but my bra, and my shirt too because there is just too much milk! The disappointing part for me is that my body gives out sometime between 4 and 6 months and just doesn't produce anymore. I have often wondered why my body can't level itself out so I can feed my baby longer. Now with the help of Milk-Savers I can do just that.

Milk-Savers are a product you use on the opposite side you are nursing on. They are made to catch that leaking milk so it can be saved and does not go to waste. My only concern with these is that they are large. Mind you that I am a very small woman so most things are large compared to me. I do however know that I will grow quite a bit between now and when the new baby arrives and that by then these will probably be the perfect size. I'm super excited to try it and hopefully feed my baby breast milk a little longer, and save myself some laundry since I won't have to change as often.

April 14, 2012

Fresh Baby Review

I love companies with great goals and that is why I am thrilled to introduce you to Fresh Baby. Their goal is to help reduce obesity by encouraging parents to feed their infants and toddlers healthy, home made food. They have everything from portion plates to cookbooks to baby food trays.

We received a set with baby food trays and a cookbook to review. I really love the cookbook. It has so much useful information! It tells you what foods you should being introducing when, and what spices you can add to keep life interesting. It also tells you how to recognize the fresh fruits and veggies at the store, how long it keeps once it's home, and how long you can store it once it is frozen. This is so helpful! There are lots of fruits I don't buy just because I don't know how to tell if they are good that my kids haven't been introduced and now I can change that.

The trays are also awesome. We haven't used them for baby food yet but we did make some frozen fruit/yogurt the other day and they did an awesome job. I love that they have lids for baby food because often my freezer is not as clean as I would like it to be and it helps with the stacking issue.

You should check for Fresh Baby at your local stores (they may also be available through your local WIC office) and head over to win during Oh Baby Baby.

OsoCozy Diaper Review

Cloth diapers are everyone and each one is different enough that you have some decisions to make. OsoCozy recently sent us a diaper to try and it worked great! I don't have any pictures because D outgrew it just after it was received but I'm super excited to use it with the new baby.

We'll start with the downfalls. The only thing I really didn't like about this diaper is that it took FOREVER to dry. That is compared to other diapers it took an extra 2-4 hours to hang dry. This is not a big deal you just have to plan for it and I tend to have a bad habit of waiting until the very last minute to wash so I need my diapers asap.

Other than that this was/is a wonderful diaper! The size is good (we received the small) and D grew out of it right at that 19-20 lbs mark. We are especially excited that this diaper starts at 6 lbs because that is a big baby for us and we can never find cloth diapers small enough for our newborns. I also really like the colors. They aren't fancy but they are good strong colors and I don't have to worry about boy/girl problems.

OsoCozy is a great diaper and I look forward to a long life of this diaper. Make sure you visit them and head over to win your own diaper during Oh Baby Baby!

Be Fit Mom Review

Most every mom sets a goal to get back in shape once their baby arrives but very few, at least in my experience, get it done. Be Fit Mom's goal is to help every mom achieve their goals of loosing weight and getting their tummy back.

I didn't get to use this very long between babies but there are some things that I really like. The first thing is that the DVD comes with a fitness band and this is the only thing you need to complete your workout. I also like that the workout combines stretching and strengthening to give you the most for the time you spend.

Overall I think this is a great DVD for a mom just getting back after a new baby and I'm super excited to be offering it as part of our Oh Baby Baby prize pack.

April 13, 2012

No-Cry Series Review

Parenting books are everywhere. Some are helpful and some not so much. The No-Cry series by Elizabeth Pantley is one that I will recommend for parents who want simple, direct books with tips and tricks to help their child be happier.

Although I have not had time to read all six books I have been pleased with what I have seen thus far. My favorite thing about these books is that they encourage you to keep track of what your child is already doing with charts and quizzes and then use what they do to help them do what you need them to. Although I do not agree with every suggestion that is made in these books, but then who does agree with someone else 100%, I do like a lot of the strategies Elizabeth suggests.

If you are looking for some great suggestions and ideas in any of these six topics I recommend checking out Elizabeth's books. And make sure to head over to win during Oh Baby Baby.

Glow Bug Diapers Review

With three children in cloth diapers (B just at night) you can probably imagine why we tend to enjoy one size diapers. All the boys are big enough that a one size diaper does a pretty good job of keeping everything contained and it certainly simplifies my life of keeping them all in cloth.

The first thing we loved about Glow Bug diapers was the fun prints they have. My boys all love the bright green on the diaper they sent us. As you can see D highly approves! These pictures are of the diaper on him where as a 19 lb baby he wears it on a mid range setting. I must ask that you please excuse the rash in these pictures. It is rug burn from a baby learning to crawl and is not from the diaper.

Another thing I love about this diaper is the placement of the hip snaps. They seem to be closer to the center than many diapers we have tried and it seems to keep the diaper tighter without restricting any leg movement.

This diaper is a pocket diaper and came with a microfiber insert that also works well. It has some of the typical problems of microfiber, mainly staining, but is nothing that can't be dealt with. The inserts also snap into the diaper to stay in place. We do not usually use the snaps as it is one extra step and they work fine that way too.

I have been super pleased with this diaper from Glow Bug! You can order your diapers today and head over to win during Oh Baby Baby!

Maggie's Direct Review

Today I am super excited to announce that Kerrific has partnered with another great company to bring you awesome reviews and savings! Maggie's Direct is an awesome company with a variety of products for your home and family. They sent us a wonderful pillow to review and we have been putting it to the test.

E has been sleeping on a pillow for the last 4 years that has an unknown age (he's had it longer than I've known him). He loved it because it was firm and it was king size so it took up a huge part of the bed. I was so excited to have the opportunity to replace it with a firm pillow from Maggie's Direct and let me tell you, he loves it!

This pillow is wonderfully comfortable, with just the right amount of give. I love to borrow it to prop myself up so I can read or do other things in bed. I have also been amazed at how fluffy it has stayed. Unlike most pillows I've used this one did not loose any fluff after a few nights and is still going strong!

Right now Maggie's Direct has an awesome deal on their hotel collection. You get half back in Social Bucks (you can spend like cash) on everything you buy. And you get free shipping to the lower 48! I am in love with their pillows and I hope you'll head over to check out all the other great things in this collection!

Solar Power

E is always wanting us to get our own source of power. One thing he keeps talking about is portable solar power. In some ways his talking about this is very frustrating because I have absolutely no way of doing this right now but it is super nice to know that he wants us to be able to take care of ourselves and not rely so much on others.

The other great thing about E wanting to do this is that by the time he graduates he should be able to install all power source himself which will be awesome! That means we might not have to stick with portable energy sources but that we could possibly get ourselves some power sources that will be large enough to actually power our house, or close too. I can't tell you how nice this would be after dealing with a high electric bill all winter. I'm so glad it's finally starting to warm up, mind you it's snowing at our house today, and that we should start to see some relief from high bills soon.

Do you have problems with high energy bills? Do you talk about installing some energy sources for your home? Tell us about it!

I am participating in a blogger campaign by Bucks2Blog and was compensated. However, the views and opinions are my own.

Fairhaven Health Review

Recently as we have been looking for products to help me through this pregnancy I discovered FairhavenHealth. I was amazed by their selection of natural products for pregnancy and beyond. They sent us some awesome products to review and I must say that I was quite pleased.

The multivitamins they sent me worked great for a prenatal. The pills were of average size and were not overly difficult to swallow. I loved that they were all natural but I would recommend holding your nose when taking them as they do have a very distinct smell, one of those bonuses of not have preservatives or flavoring.

I have also really enjoyed the stretchmark cream Fairhaven sent me. Stretch marks have not been a huge problem yet but I do have a few remaining from previous pregnancies that have started to itch and hurt. I have been very happy that Fairhaven's stretch mark cream has helped relieve the itching of these marks and preventing any new marks thus far.

The last piece of the set Fairhaven sent me was a Prenatal Yoga DVD. I have been too sick to use this much but as I begin to feel better I am enjoying this simple, relaxing routine. I enjoy yoga but have had a hard time finding routines that I can do and I really enjoy this one. It is simple enough that I will be able to do it through most of my pregnancy but yet it certainly helps me feel better and relax. I also like that I don't need to go buy anything new to complete this routine.

I love what I got from Fairhaven Health so make sure to check them out and head over to win during Oh BabyBaby!

Ultimate Baby Shower Giveaway

We all know that having a baby is expensive. Her at the Kerr house we are prone to buying used but for this new baby I finally have a nursery to set up and I'm super excited to be part of this awesome prize pack to help one of you set up your nursery!
  • Nursery Furniture: Crib and Dresser from the participating bloggers
  • Crib Bedding from the participating bloggers
  • Joovy High Chair, Stroller, and Play Yard

Total Value is $2500.00!

Use the form below to enter. Good luck to everyone!


April 11, 2012

Bebek Feeding Review

It seems with every child comes the need for a new bottle. B was happy with just about and bottle, C never did find one he liked, and D likes short round nipples on a bottle. We were recently sent some bottles from Evenflo's new Bebek collection and I think C would have really liked them if we would have had them while he was needing one. They have really long nipples which is what the doctor said he needed with his tongue tie issue. I have really enjoyed these bottles as well. I love the size because they are not overly short or overly fat which I think makes it harder for the baby to hold themselves. I also like that they don't have lots of extra little pieces I have to assemble because the big boys like to help me empty the dishwasher and this means that these particular bottles are assembled correctly and I don't have to go looking for missing pieces. The orange tops are an added bonus for us because they help us not loose them in the diaper bag. Overall I love these new bottles and I can't wait to try them with the new baby during the times I can't be there to nurse him/her. Thanks Evenflo for adding another great product to your line!

Make sure you head over to win your own Bebek bottles during Oh Baby Baby.

Kinderville Review

With so many small children at our house we have completely given up using anything breakable in the kitchen (well as much as we can). I love having my toddlers be able to set the table and empty the dishwasher. That makes two less jobs I have to worry about getting done and they do an awesome job!

Recently we were introduced to some a new line of products from Kinderville. I am super amazed at how fun and practical their products are. They sent us some storage jars to review and let me tell you they are awesome!

First I want to tell you about the one problem I had which was learning how to open them. I'll save you the trouble and tell you the trick is to squeeze the sides a little while you pull the top. Once you do this it is super easy to get them open.

I love the size of these containers as they are not too small and yet they don't overtake the fridge or the diaper bag. I've put just about everything in them and haven't had any problems. My favorite thing to use them for is Ice Cream bowls because it doesn't freeze your hands (we might have to get some actual bowls for this in the near future).

I absolutely love having one container for freezer, microwave, fridge, and dishwasher. You'll love Kinderville too so head over to win during Oh Baby Baby!

April 10, 2012

FertiBella Review

One of our greatest joys in life is our children. We are super excited to announce that we will be adding another child to our family this fall.

In trying for our new baby we were super excited to be able to review FertiBella. They sent us a kit with two months worth of supplements and 20 pregnancy tests.

The only thing I didn't like is that the pills seemed a bit large to me, but then again I have a hard time swallowing any pill. Other than that it seemed to work great! We were able to conceive quickly and the tests worked well too. We are super excited to be able to share this great product with you so make sure you head over to win your own two month kit during Oh Baby Baby.

April 7, 2012

Weekly Shopping

We had an ok shopping week this week. I had some Register Rewards that I needed to use and we had to have dog food thanks to a certain young puppy staying at our house (more on our new foster another day). I spent more than I wanted to but I always do that when I buy dog food. Here are our totals.

Total Spent: $45.23
Total Saved: $224.50 (83%)
Rewards Remaining: $30

Please note that I include sales tax in all my totals.

April 5, 2012

WubbaNub Review

Although my kids love sucking their fingers there has been a point in each of their lives where a pacifier was necessary as they had not yet found these useful tools.We, like many other families, have had the problem where the baby needs the pacifier but can't keep it in their own mouth. That is where the WubbaNub comes in.
The WubbaNub is a pacifier stuffed animal combo that is perfectly sized for your new baby. We recently gifted a WubbaNub to our nanny with a new baby and she loves it. She says not only does it keep her from having to lean off the edge of the bed at night holding the pacifier in her daughter's mouth but it also helps her not loose the pacifier in places like the bottom of the car seat.
I highly recommend you go check out all the different animals WubbaNub has to offer as I am sure you will find something your little one (and you) will love. Then head over to win your own WubbaNub, and lots of other great baby items, during Oh Baby Baby.

Adoptable: Redbone

547702_361755103862567_186202771417802_1060166_2019714207_n.jpgHere is a boy who is running out of time at a local shelter. Redbone is a 7 year old intact Redbone Coonhound. He is good with other dogs and children although he has not been tested with cats. As you can see he is super thin and needs someone to give him some groceries and love. He really needs a forever home or a rescue to take him in. Even if you are not local you can see about adopting him and some lovely ladies from the area will work hard to get him to you. Redbone will make a great pet for someone with some extra love to give. You can call the shelter today at 208-785-6897 to learn about adopting him.

April 3, 2012

Ultimate Sleep Sound Therapy System Review

Another disadvantage we have faced since moving is that we moved from a quiet street in the country to a busy city street. This is not generally a big deal unless I want to back out of my driveway or if I want to sleep. We are slowly getting used to the sound of traffic but the loud trucks and sirens still wake the boys on a regular basis.

I was excited to try the Ultimate Sleep Sound Therapy System to see if it would help our boys sleep better. Of course when it arrived we had to try it out and see what the different sounds were and how quickly the volume changed based on outside noise. I must say that I was impressed it did however scare B quite nicely to have something change every time he talked. He's doing better now but it was a great way to keep him quiet the first few days.

I like almost all the sounds although the rainfall is my favorite choice. We have used the Sound System in both the boys rooms and in our room and have found that it does work nicely for covering up noise and although it is not perfect in getting the kids to sleep it does help. I think this would be especially helpful if you have children sleeping together where one is a light sleeper as it would cover that amount of noise nicely.

Altogether I love this Sound System and I love the simple yet stylish design that they have packaged it in. Make sure you head over to win during Oh Baby Baby!

April 1, 2012

Boba Carrier Review

Since moving to our new home one of the things that has changed is that we walk more places. Our new house is not only on a busy street but it is also within a mile of many of the places we regularly visit including church, the pet store, the fabric store, the book store, and the mall. (Please note the grocery store is also within walking distance but that would involve me needing a huge wagon to haul things home in.) This has been great because it encourages me to walk more and the kids love it however their stamina is not always what it needs to be to make these trips and this is where our new Boba Carrier has been wonderful!

Usually when we go I put the two younger kids in the double stroller and let B walk but I always make sure I have the Boba with me so that when he gets tired I can help him out too. As you can see he is quite comfortable in the Boba and can ride in it for a long time.

The Boba Carrier is also super simple to get on and off. Two big buckles and strap adjustment is all it takes which makes it the perfect carrier for E and I to share. In fact, E will frequently put C in it as we head to church since we are normally late and we have to hurry faster than his little legs will carry him.

As you can see you can easily wear the Boba Carrier on the front or back although I much prefer the back with my older kids. I should also note that although I have carried D in this carrier I still much prefer my Boba Wrap for him as I feel he is more secure and it is easier to get him in and out of since he can't help me like the older kids.

When putting the kids on my back using the Boba Carrier I have found the easiest way to do so is to put on the waist buckle and then have them get on my back like we are going to piggy back. I will then lift the top of the carrier up behind them and put it over my shoulders so that they stay in the piggy back position. It's easy to do and I love that I can get the big kids on my back all by myself.

We love our Boba Carrier and I highly recommend Boba for anyone looking for a great baby carrier. And if you want a chance to win your very own make sure you head over to our Oh Baby Baby giveaway event!