October 30, 2014

Pet Vacations

Instead of sending your pets to a kennel when you go on vacation, consider sending them to a pet inn. This is a place where your pets are treated like they are on vacation as well. There are several amenities offered at inns for pets that will make them comfortable while they are away from their owners, making you feel comfortable as well. 

Generators are usually available at pet inns so that the animals are cared for if the electricity were to go out. Meals are given at least twice a day, and there are treats offered as well. A continuous water supply is usually given so that pets always have access to something to drink. Many facilities have beds for the pets, and there is time for the animals to play with others that are of the same size. Floors are made so that the animals don't slide. Doors and fencing make it almost impossible for the animals to escape, keeping them safely inside the area. There are cat condos that the cats can scratch on and toys for dogs to play with while they are in their private space. Grooming services are offered, and most locations offer a health guarantee. Learn about the other amenities offered before making a decision for your pet to stay in a resort or inn.

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