October 2, 2015

Learning to Walk

It's time for another exciting adventure at the Kerr house. Baby G is learning to walk and that means that this mama needs to be on her toes at all times. Ha ha. It can be so much fun when kids go from stationary and adorable to mobile and constantly in trouble but there are some things you can do to prepare yourself. Here are just a few of our favorite tips for all the parents out there experiencing this change for the first time.

 1. It's hard at first. Expect your child to fall, need help, and possibly injure themselves. I know this is hard as a parent but now is the time you'll get to know your friendly family doctor really well as you deal with bruises, stitches, and very possibly broken bones. Know that this is normal and keep the diaper bag in the car so you're always ready to go on a moment's notice.
2. Make sure you are prepared to keep the floor clean. Anything on the floor is considered fair gameHuggies Little Movers Diapers. Make sure you also cover the outlets to keep fingers safe while you're at it.
for putting in the mouth so you'll want to be ready to sweep, vacuum, and pick up all day every day. You'll want to pick up everything including electronics, cords, food, laundry, and even dirty

 3. Be prepared for extra sleep. Something about this learning process meas that you can plan on extra snuggles with your little one as they will be extra tuckered out. As a side note, you should use this extra time to sit down because as soon as baby wakes up they'll be on the run again and you'll need to be ready to keep up. Your child also may start to sleep longer at night so make sure you're prepared with a good overnight diaper to keep your little one snoozing soundly.

 4. That sly smile. Yes, it's cute but when you see it you can bet that your sweet little one is into something. They are smart and they know. Don't let that adorable grin fool you into thinking they are innocent. If you can't find them playing with anything they shouldn't you might check your sniffer to see if the smile is all about the relaxation of a good poop.

 5. It doesn't last long. It may seem to go on forever but before you know it your baby will be grown up so make sure you enjoy these fun times while you can. Don't be afraid to explore with your baby, it may be the only chance you get.

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