January 2, 2016

Poised for Greatness!

There is absolutely nothing better then being a mom. Spending every day with my six children is a huge blessing but also means that I have to be ready for an adventure and challenge around every corner. On an average day we have five or more appointments plus school and work meaning that we're constantly on the run and I don't have time to deal with the light bladder leakage that often comes with being a newborn's mom.

Over the course of becoming a mother to my six kids I have tried many options for dealing with light leakage and recently I have found that Poise Liners work quite well and allow me to keep going and being the mom that I want to be. My favorite part is that I can buy them from Sam's Club and have them discretely delivered to my front door so they are ready whenever I need them. Thank's Poise and Sam's Club for helping a hardworking mama out!

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