June 20, 2016

Six Months and Solid Foods

I can't believe our little man is six months old! He's growing entirely too fast for me to keep up. We just moved him up a size in clothes (again) and I'm having to go back to shopping on the baby food isle of Target. We're having fun letting H try all the things his brothers and sisters loved plus some new items we're finding on the shelves.

This week's new item was Gerber's Lil' Beanies. They come in two flavors, original and White Chedder & Broccoli, and are packed with good nutrition. The first thing I liked is that these snacks are made with beans so they have some shelf-stable protein in them and they are baked so they have a great crunchy texture that kids love!

All my kids have tried and love these new snacks from Gerber and Target! Now we just need them to come in a bigger can so we can all enjoy them more often!

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