November 11, 2017

The Baby Bath Must Have List

There are a lot of things that you need to have ready when you bring baby home. Many of them are well talked about like car seats and strollers. Some of them however are lesser known and can be easily forgotten. Today I'd like to share my list of must have baby bathroom items with you.

  • Shampoo & Body Wash - this is fairly simple but make sure you have something that is good for sensitive skin. Tear free formulas are also a must have at our house. Pump bottles are a bonus as they make it easy to use one handed while holding baby.
  • Lotion - again, get something that is good for sensitive skin. I like finding something that I like the scent of as it's going to be on me more often then not. I also like having my lotion in a pump bottle so it's easy to use while holding baby.
  • Relief Cream - a shea butter cream is perfect as it works for diaper rash, eczema, cradle cap and more. Again, find something that smells good and I like a jar for this that I leave open on the changing table.
  • Baby Oil - many are surprised to realize that babies benefit greatly from massage. I love using baby oil at bedtime with a gentle massage to help them sleep soundly so I can too.
  • Baby Powder - watch out for Talc! There are some amazing powers out there that are food grade and completely safe for baby. They will help prevent diaper rash and other rashes from dampness (my kids tend to get them under their chins). This is also handy to have around to use in moms shoes to keep them from sticking during the hot summer months.
Hopefully this list helps you prepare a little more for baby. If you want to keep things simple just grab one of the great sets found at Baby Organic. You'll love it!

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