August 8, 2011

Spa for Ma: Bloom Organics Review

Bloom Organics sent us some adorable shopping bags to review. We haven't taken them to the store yet but the boys sure have had fun loading them up and dumping them out. Don't you love the guilty faces? B & C used them all day and were playing house with these and a big box. It was absolutely adorable. These bags are obviously very sturdy. I was a little worried about having a shopping bag with holes but these are not going to be a problem. I love the size of these bags, some reusable shopping bags are so large that when you fill them up they are too heavy to lift, these bags however are big enough I could put a small watermelon in them but small enough I'm not going to break my back when I try to lift them. I also love that these bags "wad" (sorry, can't think of a better term) up so small. Unlike some bags they won't take up the half of the cart that is not already filled with kids. Bloom Organics deserves a A+ for making such great shopping bags. Make sure you check them out today so you're ready for a great giveaway during Spa for Ma.

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