July 28, 2011

Spa for Ma: Jamz Originals Review

About Jamz Originals:

Looking to broaden our horizons, my wife and I chose to start our own little business, and we began making guitar straps, and...suprise of surprises...it's been a TON of fun! We love coming up with fun, new designs for all of you musicians out there, and have enjoyed meeting so many new people. Thanks for learning about us, and we hope you'll love our shop and tell your friends about us!

Jamz Originals is the home of classic guitar straps full of style. We have straps for every mood and personality. And with the extra padding and durable, non-stretch materials we use, you'll wonder why you ever had a nylon or leather strap to begin with! 

Safety of your guitar: The nylon webbing on these straps has been tested at 600 pounds. As long as you don't have a gorilla hanging from your fret, you'll be fine!Dimensions of straps:Straps are 2 inches wide. Adjustable from 36 to 65 inches in length. Perfect for guitars AND ukeleles. Drop us a note in the comments section if you like to tie your strap off on the neck of your guitar, and we'll throw in some nylon strings for you. (no cost)We LOVE to do custom orders. If you have a specific fabric pattern that you want to have personalized into your own, one-of-a-kind strap, just convo us with the information, and we will get it done! We can also personalize straps with embroidered initials, or vinyl silk screened words or images. Embroidery jobs cost $5 more. Contact us for the additional costs for screen printing.

My Thoughts:

When I first visited Jamz Originals' shop I instantly fell in love with their awesome guitar straps. I've been playing guitar since I was about 10 and love it! In our family playing guitar is a family tradition and I was taught by my great uncle. I in turn have been teaching E, so he can play with us when we get together. They sent us this Irish Tiger strap which is even more awesome than it looks in the pictures. E was thrilled at the colors and very excited to try it out. 

Jamz Originals' straps are sturdy and very well made! These are great for any experienced guitar player, I'm already planning on a few more for Christmas this year, and are going to last you a very long time!

Make sure you check out all the great styles HERE.
And watch for a great giveaway as part of the Spa for Ma event!

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