August 1, 2011

Spa for Ma: BEDE Trends Review

About BEDE Trends:

Founded in 2010 by designer Dahlia Berdugo, BEDE trends offer the latest unisex fashion accessories at your fingertips. Simply pronounced B-D, BEDE trends encompasses the motto: Be Everything. Do Everything.  With the ability to customize to your fashion needs, we make sure you are current, if not a step ahead, of the latest trends. Our latest collection is all the rage for the upcoming spring and summer seasons and with its exceptional features, it is no surprise. 
Each watch is constructed using Eco-Friendly 100% Silicone.
Match your ensemble, or create a watch with your favorite sports team’s colors with the BEDE trends interchangeable bands. The BEDE trends watch collection also has the return of the slap bracelets, except we have the slap watches. The great thing about our watches is that they are great for birthday, wedding, bar/bat mitzvahs, quinceaneras, charities, fraternities and sororities and many more organizations and events.
Each watch is water-resistant with a durable design to match. With summer trends taking off these watches are sure to turn heads. BEDE trend watches have been seen on Nicole Murphy, Sway Calloway from MTV, Free from 106 & Park, Lesean McCoy of the Philadelphia Eagles, Leon Washington of the Seattle Seahawks and many more.

My Thoughts:

The first thing I noticed about this watch upon receiving it was that it was large. There are no sizes on BEDE's website which is kinda a bummer. I have however included a photo of the watch on my hand which should give you an idea on size. We did try it on E and it is larger than the watch he wears now but not overly so. Other than that I really like the watch. The silicone band is very comfortable and easy to adjust. I love the interchangeable bands. The band itself is easy to remove but also locks in place so you're not going to have problems with it falling apart when you don't want it to. The face itself is pretty and I could easily wear this as an everyday watch and use it as a dress up watch.

I love the versatility of BEDE's watches and highly recommend you check out their Shop, Facebook, and Twitter pages in preparation for our Spa for Ma event.

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