January 25, 2011

Day 25 - My Day in Review

It has been a long day.
This morning started at 3am when we had a two year old in our room wanting a diaper change. I really which he would potty train so he wouldn't have to get mad every time he had on a dirty diaper.
All too soon our alarm was going off and it was time to start the day. I ate breakfast, stuffed diapers for the sitter, and got the kids dressed and started on breakfast before I left for the day.
Another "bright" spot to our morning was that we had two new inches of snow on the ground when we woke up and it was still coming down. This meant an extra long drive to school (it normally takes about half an hour) so I left the house as soon as the sitter arrived.
It was Tuesday today so I made a stop at the doctor on my way out of town to get my P17 shot and then headed off to school. An hour and a half after leaving the house I arrived at school just in time for my first class where we talked about the war for American independence. After class, and a quick potty stop, I headed to science, to find out the class was canceled due to the instructor being at a funeral so I headed to the library where I was able to meet with my Math partner to do our project that was due tonight. We finished our project just in time for me to get to my next class, Infant & Toddler, where my teacher was also missing but left us a movie to watch. The movie about SIDS and Shaken Baby Syndrome was not the most uplifting one I've ever seen to say the least. After IT it was time for devotional where I finally got to see E. We sat together and I snoozed, no thanks to the lack of sleep last night, but felt much better afterward. My last class was Book of Mormon, with E, where we had a grand discussion about patience. After that I was able to come home early as E had to stay for a group project. Thankfully the roads had cleared and it was a much nicer drive. After arriving home and talking with the sitter for a bit, I got dinner ready just in time for E to come home. After dinner B & C were very fussy so they have now had an early bedtime and I'm finally sitting down to get some things done. Once this is written I'll have at least another hour of homework before I'll head to bed and pray I can make it through tomorrow.
Night Everyone!

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