October 9, 2013

Quiet Time with My Dolphin Show

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of My Dolphin Show.
Every day I do my best to get the kids to take naps. Yes, B and C are getting a little old but we are all much happier when nap time works. Unfortunately, some of my children tend to sleep a lot longer then others and for some reason I'm never quite ready when the first of them wakes up. Lately I have been trying some new tactics to keep the older children quite while the younger ones are still napping. One of these is the FREE app. The boys have had a lot of fun with this new game. I love that it was free to download and that there aren't any in game ads while the kids love the fun graphics and challenging tasks.

The My Dolphin Show game is very easy to play. To complete each level you direct the dolphin to do different tricks like jumping to catch a ball or clearing a net. My two year old is a little small by the other two boys can easily complete the lower levels while I work ahead to complete the higher ones. It's great entertainment for those times when you don't need any brain power, or simply don't have any left. One of our favorite parts is that as you level up you can change the "clothes" of your dolphin. My boys really like making their dolphin look like Nemo. It's kinda silly but boy to they laugh!

You can get this free app from Amazon, the App Store, or Google Play today! It is downloaded free, without adds, and just takes minutes to get started (you don't even need a Facebook connection to level up). It's a great choice for anyone with children to keep on hand. I know my boys like it and I'm guessing that girls through pre-teen will be thrilled with the graphics and activities it offers as well. Happy Shopping!

My Dolphin Show is a fun, FREE app in which you get to swim, play and perform tricks like a real dolphin! Over time, your dolphin will complete different tricks that increase in difficulty, allowing you to gain more points as the game continues. As a kid-friendly app, you can play along with your children and share quality bonding time in an entertaining and safe way. 
 Download the app now from the Apple App Store, Google Play and Amazon using the following links: 

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of My Dolphin Show.Tracking Pixel

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