October 3, 2013

Taking Care of Antique Carpets

An antique rug is one that was made at least 80 years ago. Due to their age, antique carpets are something that becomes more and more rare as time goes by. The older the rug, the more the selling price will be. Some people deal only in antique rugs and carpets, much like pieces of valuable art. In fact, the market for both art and antique rugs has other similarities as well. The most important similarity is that antique rugs, just like art, must be cared for responsibly and conservatively.

 Spills and Stains

Each type of antique rugs is made out of different materials. Much of this is dependent on the location it was made and the time period it originated from. Persian rugs are typically more stain repellent while oriental rugs are less so. Both the age and the country of origin tell the owner what type of fabric and other materials were used to make the rug itself. In many cases, if a spill occurs on any type of older rug or carpet, it can usually be blotted up without a stain if it is tended to immediately. There are several exceptions like coffee and red wine that pose a much more serious situation. Professional carpet cleaners advise owners to stay away from household remedies and chemical cleaners if a stain does happen. Many of these types of cleaners have additives and other abrasive compounds that can interact poorly with the fabric or even cause color damage to occur. If you notice a stain, consult a professional carpet cleaner for advice and a possible appointment. 

Regular Cleanings

It is a good idea to have antique carpets and rugs cleaned and maintained every five years or so. If used in a higher traffic section of your home, cleanings should be more often. If hung on the wall or kept safely in storage, cleanings can be done less often. When cleaning these types of carpets, always choose a professional carpet cleaner who has a lot of experience with antique rugs. They will have the know-how and equipment that will keep your carpet clean and safe.

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