August 7, 2014

Woman of Courage by Wanda Brunstetter

Courage - The ability to do something that frightens you.

As I've been thinking about the subject of courage it occurred to me that this is a term we tend to use to describe young men. This seems odd to me because as a woman I know that it often takes courage for me to face my tasks on a daily basis. Not because they are hard, but because they quickly become overwhelming ... and that frightens me.

One thing that I know helps me get thorough my days is learning about other peoples' lives and the trials that they had to face. As I read about how other people use their courage and faith to get through the rough times it is encouraging to me and helps me get through my bad days a little bit easier.

Recently I had the chance to read Wanda Brunstetter's Woman of Courage and thoroughly enjoyed it. The heroine, Amanda, is a Quaker woman who had her fiance leave her at the alter and decided to travel as a missionary to the western Native Americans. This trip ends up being quite the journey as she faces the loss of her father, death, capture and much more. You will love reading about her journey in faith, love and hope to find a people that are truly hers!

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