July 7, 2015

Summer Cleaning Made Easier

We all know that summer is about having fun. That means that although my house needs some cleaning I like to keep it as simple and light as possible so I can spend more time enjoying my family. Today I want to share a few items that are worth investing in to help make your summer cleaning easier.

One of the first things I would invest in is a good mattress protector like the UltraGaurd. This Waterproof Mattress Protector has helped both my beds and my children stay cleaner. This may seem silly but my kids are always coming home with sand, dirt, grass, and who knows what else on them and it is much easier to wash a mattress protector then it is to clean a mattress (or six like we have at my house). A mattress protector is also a must have for the potty training years and is a great suggestion for pregnant mamas (take that advice from someone who's water broke in the middle of the night).

Another item that is a ton of fun to try to keep clean during the summer are towels. It seems like they are always the things that catch the most stink in the laundry and there is just nothing worse then going to dry off after a shower or wash dishes with a smelly towel. ICK! Thankfully I know have some Smelly Towel Cleaner that seems to be helping. It's easy to use - just add a capful to each load of laundry - and it does the maintenance to help your washing machine and your laundry stay clean and fresh all year long.

Another item at my house that seems to always be dirty is the carpet. We're currently in the process of replacing our dining room carpet (bad idea if you're thinking of putting carpet there) with hardwood which is going to be amazing but more on that later. Almost all of the remainder of our house has carpet flooring which means I have gotten really good at getting stains up. One thing I've learned is that there isn't much you can do without a good Carpet Cleaner. With a good cleaner you'll be able to tackle everything from pets to grease that may get on your carpet or upholstery this summer.

The final thing I want to suggest today for your summer cleaning needs is the Bamboo Air. These amazing products come in different sizes and naturally clean your air without any help from you. My favorite thing is that they absorb odors - that's right, absorb not cover up - and that means that my house is smelling summer fresh more often. Even things like burnt popcorn quickly become things of the past thanks to this handy tool. Trust me, you'll love it as much as I do! Happy cleaning!

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