July 19, 2015

Summer Must Haves for Baby

There are always great new products out there for your babies and toddlers. Today I'd like to share some products I've recently been introduced to that I thought those of you expecting babies this summer might want to know about.

For Memories:

There is nothing more special then a new little one and there are some great tools out there to help you remember their first days. I highly suggest a baby footprint kit and a baby birthday chronicle. These are both simple ways to save memories that you can hang on the wall or put in a scrapbook that your children will love looking at as they get older.

For Safety:

We always want our homes to be the very safest they can be for our children which is why I suggest every parent invests in U Shaped Edge Guards for all needed surfaces (coffee and end tables are the worst culprits at my house).

For the car a Baby Car Mirror can be a big comfort to both mom and baby. I have the benefit of having older kids that can play with and check on the little ones during our long car trips but if you don't have that advantage then this is a tool you probably won't want to travel without.

For Health:

At our house we also like to use a waterproof crib mattress pad. This is partially a safety thing as it does make sure that our mattresses stay in usable condition but it is also a health thing as this helps us to make sure that baby's bed is always clean and that if baby does get sick I can disinfect properly.

Another of our favorite health things are Amber Teething Necklaces. They work for my kids and myself and if you haven't tried them and are struggling with teething or other pain I highly suggest trying them. You might be surprised at how well they work.

For Feeding:

If you have twins you'll for sure want to check out the Twin Z Pillow. My good friend had the chance to try one out with her little ones and loved it! Hopefully however this is one product I never have the chance to try myself.

If you're nursing then a good hands free pumping bra is a must. I know that this made a huge difference for me. I went from trying to hold everything in place and work on homework or blogging at the same time to being able to comfortably do both without dropping anything. Yes, some of you know exactly what I'm talking about.

For Diapers:

There are a ton of different kinds of diapers out there but recently we were introduced to buttons diapers and they work really well. Although they are not our preferred pocket style buttons diapers did their job and the cute color selection is hard to resist.

For Play Time: 

Have you seen Zubels Yet? If not, you're missing out! They make adorable cotton rattles and more that any baby would love! I know our little one took to hers right away and loves to snuggle and play with it. As a bonus - the rattle is fairly quiet and I can get away taking it places that I wouldn't think of taking some of her other toys.

For Cuteness:

Every baby needs some cuteness in their closet and here we recommend checking out these adorable rock star bodysuits. They have lots of fun colors and styles with phrases and graphics to match every parent's style.

Pacifier clips are another fun way to add style. You can pick boy, girl or gender neutral for any gift giving occasion and most moms are thrilled. It seems you can never have enough of these little buggers and the cuter the better.

Another fun accessory is a bandanna bib. Again, these come in lots of colors but having some of the basics is a great way to accessorize your little one and keep them looking adorable!

Happy Shopping!

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