October 11, 2019

Hello, I'm Aubrey - And Change is Ok

I've been trying to write this post for a long time. I'm still not sure exactly what I'm writing but here goes nothing.

Photo Credit to Riley Nash of https://www.rileynashphotography.com/

I'm Aubrey. I live in South East Idaho where I am mom to 8 beautifully crazy children. My husband works a full time job that he loves and picks up side work to help make ends meet so you will often find me at home with the kids. Most days that is all I do, take care of the kids. My job as mom has taken over my life and somewhere in that mess I have lost me. This month, I have made a goal. I am going to find myself again. I'm going to loose the accumulated baby weight, restore my businesses, and make the time to do the things that I love. If you want to follow me on that journey, here is your chance. I am going to be brave and share here. I know I'm not the only mom facing this battle and I am excited (and a lot nervous) to have you tag along and see the progress. Maybe, just maybe, I can inspire someone to take their own journey. If you decide to do so I hope you'll let me know so that I can follow you and be your cheering squad. In the meantime, feel free to lurk, or even gawk at me as I work to be the confident, happy person I know is hiding inside. It's day 11 of my journey and I'm finally able to publish this so I know good changes are happening. I hope you can see them too!

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