March 1, 2012


I love my husband dearly but he does have a few quirks that drive me crazy. One of those is that he wears shoes all the time. As someone who does everything possible barefoot this is uncharted territory. His wearing shoes all the time not only keeps my carpet nice and dirty but it also hurts when he steps on one of the kids, or myself, and we frequently have tears when he steps on a toy and breaks it.
I've been looking for a good way to help with this problem and finally decided the first step was to get him to change his footwear when he got home. Anything had to be better than the steal toes work boots he was wearing all the time When Dawgs offered to send me a pair of their shoes to review I figured they'd be perfect for this first step.
I do have to say that it took a while but we finally have E looking forward to taking off his boots when he gets home. He does still put on his Dawgs and wears them everywhere but it is progress. Now the boys and I are reminding him that his Dawgs are super easy to slip on and off as he goes in and out of the house. Hopefully one day soon he'll make good use of that fact. In the meantime his Dawgs are holding up wonderfully and work great as an all around shoe. I love that they are easy to clean and he really can wear them everywhere!

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