March 4, 2012

EZ Sox Review

With 3 small children getting out of the house can be a big challenge. When I am going by myself with the kids I plan about 30 minutes to get everyone ready and in the car. That is a long time so we go out very little unless E is with us.

When I found EZ Sox I thought they would be a great way to speed up the getting ready process and they work great. The little loops really do help the kids get their socks on easily. B loves the pictures but as you can see, C hasn't quite figured out they go on top yet (and he's too stubborn to let me fix them).

The socks themselves have washed up great. The white ones have been almost black at times and as you can see, they do go white again. My only concern with the socks is that they are not quite as thick as the ones I usually put on the kids during the winter but as spring approaches (hopefully) they should be able to wear them without any cold toes.

Overall we love our EZ Sox and they have certainly simplified our getting ready routine. I think they are a great idea for toddlers and I so wish I would have had some of the adult ones during my pregnancy days. Make sure you check them out today and head over to win 2 pairs of your very own EZ Sox during Spring Fashionista.


  1. Cute socks, and cute little feet!

  2. These are so cute, my daughter is entering toddlerhood so she could use these!

  3. my grand son like the goffy one an i like them for him
    bd in may

  4. I think these socks have a great deal of humor. With these I think getting kids to put on their socks would be easy. However, covering them up with a pair of shoes may be a bit harder to get kids to do!
    kim c.

  5. These are so fun!

    Kerri, kerbear560 at yahoo dot com

  6. This is such an awesome and brilliant idea! I have a 4 year old boy and he always has trouble pulling his own socks! Ingenious!


  7. Aren't they the cutest socks ever. I luv the penguins most. I imagine the hoops would make it easier and once they understand the pictures go on top it should be a time saver!
    Gladys P