November 17, 2012

Textbooks for Another Semester

Although I am really excited to be graduating this semester E is not quite so lucky. This week I have been lacking in the blogging area because I have spent much of my time figuring out his classes, getting him registered, and finding his textbooks. BLH!
This year we are saving on his textbooks by renting. One great place to rent is Campus Book Rentals. They have a great selection of books so chances are you'll find everything you need at 40% - 90% off your bookstore prices. This year the school bookstore wanted us to pay $806 for books for his 5 classes. Thanks to Campus Book Rentals I was able to find his math book at a much better price than the $200 they wanted to charge. This is a huge deal for us since we live on such a tight budget anyway.
When you rent your books from Campus Book Rentals better prices aren't the only benefit. You can highlight in the books, they have flexible rental dates, and you'll get free shipping both ways which are great bonuses for any student.
Make sure you check out Campus Book Rentals this year for all your text book needs!

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