November 17, 2012

The Smell of Christmas

Holly & Mislletoe Candle Burning
There is nothing I like more at Christmastime than all the wonderful smells. In fact, E came home from work today and brought me his jacket to curl up in. He had just unloaded a truck full of Christmas trees and it smelled wonderful! I can't wait to get our Christmas tree set up. I'm so glad he works for a great company that allows us to get a tree every year. It certainly brings the smell of the season into our home. 
Because our tree will be upstairs and my office is downstairs I've been looking for a fun way to bring Christmas to my work room. I've thought about a couple of different ways but just found some Christmas candles that look wonderful! I love that the candles themselves are small but that they each burn 50+ hours. I just don't know how I'll choose just one or two to try because they all sound so wonderful! What is your favorite scent of Best Kept Secrets candle? Help me choose which ones to order!

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