January 6, 2013

A World of His Own by Arlette Gaffrey

A World of His Own by Arlette Gaffrey I just spent another full day reading. I loved it and feel so much more relaxed now but I have soooo many other things to do. Oh well, they will wait a little longer while I tell you about A World of His Own by Arlette Gaffrey.
This is an excellent book set in the early 1800 is New Orleans. It's easy to tell from reading the book that Arlette is a New Orleans native because there is great depth about the customs and the city itself which made me feel as if I was really inside the story with the characters.
The story itself is about Andre, a Frenchman who in his childhood escaped the Revolution but not without loosing his parents. In his search for a new home, Andre decides to travel to the new world. While aboard the ship he makes a new friend, Charles, who encourages Andre to come to New Orleans and settle near him and his family.
Upon arrival in the new city Andre is very pleased with what he sees and does agree to make his home there. The story then becomes the tale of Andre as he strives to build his own plantation. We hear of his loves, loss and discovery of what family really is.
I loved this book! It was an excellent read and one that any romance or historical fiction readers won't want to miss. One of my favorite parts was that there was a good amount of French and I have enjoyed teaching my children some of the French phrases I learned in my high school French classes. It's been lots of fun!

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