January 5, 2013

New Year Clearance *Adult*

It seems like EdenFantasys always has some sort of clearance going on. This week it's the New Years Clearance Sale. I just spent a little time browsing clearance this morning and I know I'm going to have to place an order. I'm thinking ahead to the year and finding some great deals that I don't want to miss out on.

I've found a couple of great things for E and I's anniversary later this month. I just love these dresses (and I'm sure he will to). This is just a couple of the great date night outfits available at EdenFantasys. They really do have an awesome selection.

Beyond that I found this great choice for St Patrick's day 
(for some reason this is a favorite holiday at the Kerr house).

Some adorable Halloween Costumes.

And even this fun outfit for Christmas next year.

I can't wait to finish looking around after the kids are in bed. I can probably stock my wardrobe so I'm ready for the whole year! It's going to be wonderful and I suggest you check it out. While you're visiting EdenFantasys make sure you also look at all their great beauty and bedroom products. Don't forget that you'll get a free item with every order and free shipping on orders over $25. It's always a good time to shop at EdenFantasys!
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